Eleven Random A’s

A friend and fellow blogger recently posted Eleven Random Qs. Most of these questions are in the “neither here nor there” domain, in the abandoned grey area which owners of minds love to stay away from. However daunting, some require answers; others—dare I say—have answers… but these, at best, may be subjective. This is an attempt to give Eleven Random As to these questions.

  1. Many Worlds Theorem
  2. The Race against Racism. Bryce, the Black Male Feminist, answers this beautifully.
  3. No question here (:
  4. Yes!
  5. There is always new music. There is always good music.
  6. My friend, Nahel, has dropped an answer below.

These, so far, are the answers to the best of my knowledge. This post will be updated with answers subsequently.


Lost Posts

In the wee hours of this morning, I was forced to restore my phone to factory settings. This cleared almost everything from the memory of my beloved phone. Of the memories lost are the pieces I had on the WordPress app which I cannot recover.

Off the top of my head, I remember these topics were there

  • The sport called ball
  • Lifetime of Consciousness
  • We are Lazineers
  • The Observer’s Effect
  • On Innovation and Creation

There are more but these were the ones I often revisited and tried to complete. If there is any you would like to see, leave the title in the comments and I will try to regurgitate the popular ones earlier.

Thank you!


A Cure For Pain

In a harsh freezing weather, scheduled was a soccer practice. The wind, clashing vehemently with people and slowly always suggesting what direction the ball travelled made the practice even harder. I arrived late and got on the field. In 5-7 minutes, my while body goes numb. I practice on and get fouled at some point. Since my body was numb, I got right back up, I didn’t feel a thing. After practice, I look down at my white-socks-turned-red and slowly, the pain set in as panic creeped in.

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