Hate’s Under-face

In ridicule…
A testament
To quiddity
Is the highest
Of encomiums


Distorted Truth

Truth as is, is elusive. Something as fundamental as the truth (or “the fact”—an issue of purity) is so mundane yet so elusive — let alone its purest form. However, no passing day exists without an iota of truth in it. We all live in truth; in every dealing we undertake. Conversely, where there is truth, there is falsehood, deception, and all of its kin; but this is a discussion for another day …or is it?

By truth does every man live but in lies do we have our being.

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The Wisdom of Tea

Who knew, in something as simple as tea, there would be so much wisdom? So much to be inferred from its history, how it is made, presented and consumed, that a whole creed could be made out of it. I randomly picked up The Book of Tea because I thought it to be nothing more than hilarity in a publication. Oh how wrong I was. There is a whole philosophy behind tea—Teaism. Beneath here are some quotes I picked up while going reading the book. Everything here is lifted directly from the book. These paragraphs do not occur sequentially in the book as presented here. All wisdom is directly related to tea: it’s preparation, presentation and consumption. All credit goes to Kakuzō Okakura, the author of this rather stunning writeup. Continue reading