Sun Dance

On my way to twenty-two
A land filled with horror and big books
I stumbled down the forest’s path
My shoes, them two, got lost in the sand
And lost they did remain
Abandoning what made
Feet strong, and paths with bumps

On my way to thirty-three
Spirits I see in misty glee
Alas! My foddered soul can be free
“Spirit, spirit. Precursor to man.
How can I, my soul, unhand?”
“Unhand!?”, they said, “Unhand
Really!? Boy — find your feet

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The Old Man’s Problems

Connecting the future self with the present self is a feat that is most impossible with the to-day man. This is because the present man (the man to-day) is present in the now. Every circumstance that occurs is controlled by the present man. The future self cannot compete with such dominance because it is distant and has no affairs in the present.

Unfortunately, actions of the present man directly affects the future man. All power lies in the present to shape the future. How then do we find the ultimate balance in actions of the present so we do not endanger the future self? How do we shift power from the present to the future self? Is shifting power and dominance the solution to safeguarding the future self? There is the possibility that if power is shifted to the future self, the present self is endangered and surprised out of receiving its basic needs.

There is a balance, however. There is some point in choices that breaks (or circumvents, for the passively aggressive) the cosmic paradox used as one of the basic ingredients in creating choice. There is a point where present happiness is maximized without encroaching into future hopelessness.

Finding this balance is the culmination of the old man’s problems.

Power Series – The Boundary

Boundaries are made to contain an idea in order to map the idea from the ethereal into the realm of the corporeal. They serve as restrictions on concepts, based on existence, so we don’t embark on outrageous feats. Boundaries are nature’s limits.

Scientifically, nature is limitless. More appropriately, the boundaries of nature have not been found.

Just because one has not found the boundary of power doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

This post was potent. However, I lost me train of thought far back in time, retrieving it is futile.

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The Beginning or the End?

This post was originally meant to be titled “The End of a Saga”. But after some couple thousands of milliseconds in thought, the title changed to what it is.

Basically, what seemed like an unending series of calls and travels, filled with drama and escalated with melodrama, aggravated with melancholy and soothed with purpose…this long story comes to an end with a bus ride back home. Amazing isn’t it? The conclusion of a saga leaves you elated—especially if you get what you’ve been running about looking for.

But as I look back and reminisce on the events that occurred all through this, there is a seamless pattern between an end and a beginning. Every segment of life that comes to an end always transits into the beginning of another. For example, “Graduation”. Really? I graduated from primary school long long long time ago. As elated and naive as I was, I celebrated to the illness. If you didn’t get that, it’s the equivalent of partying on alcohol until you throw up the actual food in your system—but for a 10 year old. I was happy. Saw my graduation as an end. The smart people though saw it as the beginning of another tougher phase in life—secondary school. And the series goes on—if you go to shook you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t…

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