The Pun

In the beginning was the word
And the word was with God
And the word was God

Then curiosity kicked in…

In principio erat Verbum
Et Verbum erat apud Deum
Et Deus erat Verbum.

Then the play began…

Principles are in the Word
And the Word was amongst God
And God was The Word

In the beginning was the word, and the word was “with God” and the word was “God”—just words

Principles are in words, amongst God, which is also a word—”The Word”.

In the beginning WAS the word and the word WAS with God and the word WAS God—times have really changed.

Word is God, therefore words are gods.


A Letter to Diane

Hello Diane,

I stumbled upon your blog when I was reading the Names of God Bible version and had to google “el Kanna”. At the time, your blog post came up tops on Google—this means, according to the interweb, all things pertaining to “el Kanna”, you are the go-to authority. You wrote an amazing post about God and his jealousy. I took a picture to remind myself of this memory: an introduction to a new name of God, el Kanna.

El Kanna: Jealous God

El Kanna: Jealous God

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I. M. D

India Music and Dance … iGravity’s Mind Destroyed

Dances in the Hindu tradition is no joke. Historically, they were only offered in courts and temples. The art of dance has been passed on for close to two millennia in texts and other written forms of communications. Court dances were offered in praises of the court patron; and are mainly associated with the Hundistani parts of the subcontinent, its northern parts. Temple dances are offered in praise of various gods – fostered mainly in the southern part of India. Most of these southern dances tell a story of the gods or “invoke the spirits to possess them”. For ardent Christians, it’s the same thing as being “filled with the spirit”; not necessarily being ensorcelled by some unseen and uncontrollable evil, no.

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