Zachary, my son. Listen…

You cannot feign spirit by its
Xtremities. Since this is
What perception easily
Verifies, it’s all we can
Understand. But Spirit on
The other hand falls under
Similar principles as
Rhetorical truths; truths which
Quips don’t teach in full. You must
Ponder the fundamentals
Of Spirit without all these
Nonsense Spirit has become —
Making it hard to grasp. I
Look at these extremities
Keenly and see nothing but
Jargon; a failed attempt to
Isolate Spirit into
Highs and lows. Oh! But all that
Grows, gives, and begets comes but
From Spirit whole; Spirit in
Entirety. Zach, my boy,
Don’t fathom extremities.
Come closer to the very
Beginning …of each line where
Alphabets run bottom-up.



Man—as we may [not] know—is tripartite. Now when I say ‘man’ in this post, I am referring to mankind: male and female. There are three parts to a man: spirit, soul and body. I have always known this, but in church, I heard something knew as the preacher man spoke and this is my way of sharing. There is a lot I can say on this post but I will focus on the birth and death of man as a tripartite being.

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