“Musical Chairs”, On Children and Dogma — Part 2

“Everybody fighting for positions; musical chairs”
— Lil Wayne

Imagine the scenario where I am in a game of musical chairs zoning out as is in my habit to. A curious mind walks up and asks what’s going on in my mind. I unreel…

Isn’t this the case though? The world in cycles; which for some inexplicable reason—incessantly guarded by the cosmos (or whoever is in charge)—was already in place before we arrived.

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[bad news] Social networks are competing for the best stalking tool.

Social networks are competing for the best stalking tool. Teenagers must have seen the viral video in which Obama points them to the fact that employers can pull up their [social networking] history during the hiring process. Employers could literally print out your drunk pictures, bring them to the interview and ask you to explain your thought process during that time. That’s a valid interview question isn’t it? This was scary enough.

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