A Letter to Diane

Hello Diane,

I stumbled upon your blog when I was reading the Names of God Bible version and had to google “el Kanna”. At the time, your blog post came up tops on Google—this means, according to the interweb, all things pertaining to “el Kanna”, you are the go-to authority. You wrote an amazing post about God and his jealousy. I took a picture to remind myself of this memory: an introduction to a new name of God, el Kanna.

El Kanna: Jealous God

El Kanna: Jealous God

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Eternal Question

The Premise

I got invited I a banquet hosted by Jesus House Toronto. This was during the easter season so the theme was an Easter theme. A friend was to perform a spoken word piece. During the banquet, different artists were united to come perform.

One of the artistes in this banquet, precisely of the band that was on stage when I walked in, repeated recycled the question “Did you learn to love?”. This question was repeated so much in the song, I forgot what the song was called alongside the name of the band and the artiste. The most annoying part was the fact that with each repetition of the question, I lost more focus on the food before me, the interesting conversations on my table and the pretty girl beside me. Before I knew what was going on, I stole a pencil from the table and started writing on one of the program sheets. Continue reading

Pre Life After

The life now may be the pre. After is the life. Beyond which, I cannot fathom.

More often than not, I have beckoned on great minds the possibility of a prelude to life; to which some — most of them emotionally inclined — tend to agree to. And if there was any such form of consciousness, how such a world would have existed was my next point of discussion with them. These few questions explosively started interesting conversations and I would share a couple of them with you. Their names have been changed to protect their identity.

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Man—as we may [not] know—is tripartite. Now when I say ‘man’ in this post, I am referring to mankind: male and female. There are three parts to a man: spirit, soul and body. I have always known this, but in church, I heard something knew as the preacher man spoke and this is my way of sharing. There is a lot I can say on this post but I will focus on the birth and death of man as a tripartite being.

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