Distorted Truth

Truth as is, is elusive. Something as fundamental as the truth (or “the fact”—an issue of purity) is so mundane yet so elusive — let alone its purest form. However, no passing day exists without an iota of truth in it. We all live in truth; in every dealing we undertake. Conversely, where there is truth, there is falsehood, deception, and all of its kin; but this is a discussion for another day …or is it?

By truth does every man live but in lies do we have our being.

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Strokes for the Character

Third from the top” is one of the topics on WordPress’ DailyPost. I thought this would be an interesting challenge in engineering change. So here goes…

The third post on the Blogs I Follow page is “來學正體中文字 | Learning Traditional Chinese Characters“.

The third sentence in that post — as you can confirm — is… “Here are the individual strokes for writing the character”

Here are the individual strokes for writing the character

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An attempt to explain Huckabee

This is actually a comment to a backlash (by Jlknapp505) on Huckabee’s speech on Fox.

Before I continue, I must say I am in no way a fan of Huckabee (or Santorum); I don’t meddle in politics lest I add my inadequacy to the mix. Matter of fact, I just knew of Huckabee last week from the video. And I don’t know his stand on gods and the like.

But there are some things I do know. And that I wish to share.

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Pre Life After

The life now may be the pre. After is the life. Beyond which, I cannot fathom.

More often than not, I have beckoned on great minds the possibility of a prelude to life; to which some — most of them emotionally inclined — tend to agree to. And if there was any such form of consciousness, how such a world would have existed was my next point of discussion with them. These few questions explosively started interesting conversations and I would share a couple of them with you. Their names have been changed to protect their identity.

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The world, uniformitarianist.

This came off one of my mind’s ramblings; thought sessions if you may. I thought to share. The concepts are highly brittle, as are most thought sessions. Here goes…

The world is cyclical. And religion is just a dent in one of its cycles that tends to propagate itself through other cycles.

The world — maybe not the people in it — is uniformitarianist (i.e. practices Uniformitarianism). In lay man’s terms, “as things have been, so will they continue”. This three dimensional world has been the same from time unknown. The same phenomena operating now operated then. Continue reading