Can You?

Who can taste bubbles
Bubbling beautifully beyond beasts
Brazing battered beggars

Who can ponder thoughts
Tinkering then the tiny Thevenin
Tunes, theorems, topics

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Brutal Arguments

From our development of metaphors through nurture, we have settled with the container that arguments are war. Therefore there is some brutality in arguments. To being this home, I will discuss this via rhetoric.

Rhetorically, there is a system of arguments that cause problems between the two parties that are arguing. The three parts of rhetoric are intellectual logic, charisma and passion. These are the three base pillars of rhetoric. These pillars are directly translated from Aristotle’s rhetoric for this purpose.

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A Scratch for an Itch

Recently, I attended a workshop by some developers on Rails. The awesome things one can do with that framework BLEW my mind. My mind has been having these uncontrollable power outbursts recently; but that’s for another post.

I first learnt about Rails during it’s first release – 1.2 to be precise. The famous “Build a weblog in 15minutes” tutorial spread like wildfire. I also did other cool miniature apps that till this day still sit on my hard disk searching for the light at the end of the tunnel; a day when they can go live on the Interweb. So I’m not new to the business. But ever since 1.2, I didn’t build apps again because of preoccupation with God-knows-what. 2.3 was the next version I heard of… Then came 3.

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A Cure For Pain

In a harsh freezing weather, scheduled was a soccer practice. The wind, clashing vehemently with people and slowly always suggesting what direction the ball travelled made the practice even harder. I arrived late and got on the field. In 5-7 minutes, my while body goes numb. I practice on and get fouled at some point. Since my body was numb, I got right back up, I didn’t feel a thing. After practice, I look down at my white-socks-turned-red and slowly, the pain set in as panic creeped in.

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The Dream

The dream of a specification shines vivid.
Still hope and courage love darkness
Clinging onto hope and telling her the dream
Lights the flame torch in my harness.
Rolling in confusion, thoughts produce creation
New hearts are born, new passions are farmed.
And still the dream of a specification shines viv…
Oh snap!
Her light is dimming.
I search for Ms. Hope & Mr. Courage; for they are my rocks of ages
But rocks they are
Laying cold with the darkness…to the new friend they found

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