Sun Dance

On my way to twenty-two
A land filled with horror and big books
I stumbled down the forest’s path
My shoes, them two, got lost in the sand
And lost they did remain
Abandoning what made
Feet strong, and paths with bumps

On my way to thirty-three
Spirits I see in misty glee
Alas! My foddered soul can be free
“Spirit, spirit. Precursor to man.
How can I, my soul, unhand?”
“Unhand!?”, they said, “Unhand
Really!? Boy — find your feet

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The Black Hole

I learned from the Black Hole, a little something. These are words from the Black Hole’s Pupil as seen by the Pupil’s Black Hole about The Pupil and the Black Hole. Yet another comparison which shows the Uniformitarianist nature of the world. And a little hint that your body may contain some space junk, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it but admire.

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Rock Bottom

I guess we all agree that the world is crazy. I mean, redundantly crazy. Sunlight at noontime brings darkness at midnight which in turn yields sunlight at noontime. The cycle keeps going on and on in an oblivious state of madness. In a more corporate world, 9-5 on the job just to get a paycheck that only guarantees you will get back to that 9-5. It’s horrendous, pitiful if I may, and we all continue in this cycle in search for something outside the cycle — serenity.

In a crazy turbulent world where purpose so eludes one, the best place to be is at rock bottom. Why? Read on. Continue reading

Slick Slack 2

Last time I touched on how life was a race run by a bunch of rats (a.k.a rat race). “It is so sad, but incredibly true…” said the first comment on the previous post. It really is. The real unfortunate part is, 90+% of up and coming people will join the system obliviously. 10% will join – obviously – and might still complain about it later on. Well, c’est la vie. Let’s continue. Continue reading

Slick Slack

Posting once a day is challenging. I have slacked a couple days. I can blame it on some slick excuses but that only males matters worse, doesn’t it? There’s no stopping it though.

Coming up with ideas to blog about is hard when I’m in school for such a rigorous program like ECE @ UofT. The only thing I think about daily is catching up with school work, preparing for labs and ish like that, how to monetize the geek in me…

All these make me think of things larger than life. Moreso, the rat race called Life. It’s amazing how humans all go through the same system, pass their young through the same system and expect them to come on out somewhat different than what they are. Disturbing as it may seem, we all are in a one-way rat race in life. How?

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How long have you lived?

Most people end up not knowing how long the’ve lived, ever! They belittle the number of years (put simply “how long”) they’ve been on earth by a simple oversight: a birthday is not too mark the beginning of a new year of your life but to mark the end of a completed year.

A man born on 13 May, 1920 died on 4 September 1993. On his gravestone was written, “He lived 73 years”. What a lie. Yes, he celebrated his 73rd birthday but this dude sure lived more than that.

The very first birthday celebrated by a human is painful. It is you 0th birthday. The first gift given to you is a spank from the doctor while hiding you upside-down. And your vote of thanks is a loud cry. After that, you started your first year of life. You just marked the end of your zeroth year of life and started your first.