On Children and Dogma — Part 1



Children are born of essence and virtue; not just mere acts of coitus. Material things will always wither—bless the soul of death and its purpose.
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Steve Jobs and The Transcendent

The last three mutterings of the iLegend, Steve Jobs, were “oh wow, oh wow, oh wow”.

There is a theory that says people have a brief two seconds of the afterlife at the point of death. True or untrue?

Mohammed, the prophet, at his point of death saw a dark tunnel.
Jesus Christ said “it is finished”—referring to his assignment.
Einstein said something in German; but since his nurse wasn’t german, those words were lost.

The account from Steve Jobs wife Records that he was filled with awe when saying those words. What could have triggered such a reaction?

Just a thought. Unfortunately, we cannot ask Steve. R.I.P Steve; you have no other option.