Teach them to respect

That kind and kin shall supersede
That heritage must be upheld
That calm wards off all trouble
And restlessness bids it return

Teach them in love

That the belly of a mountain bleeds with motion
When sweet words like sun warmth caresses the senses.
That a fall and a wound may scratch and may itch
But deep down within, the ocean remains still.

Teach them to know themselves

Let them sound their roar to the heavens
Get them used to the bounce of their every step
Let the pride gallivant and proudly parade
Blessed with deep knowledge of their heritage

Teach them in spirit

To communicate where sound is gone
When feeling is numb and thinking is no more
That there is a sane place where nothing is profane
That life prepares our entrance there someday

Teach them to be sound


Photo Credit @kajathiemephotography


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