The Undead

Look, boy, we are sentient beings.

Our primary concern through life and living is our individual selves. It is through culture, morality, and the nurture of both of these that we have created the need for an “other”; an other to hold, an other to care for, an other to love. However, this is not our primordial constitution. This is not basic with our being. Our sentience serves introspection primarily.

It is the duty of a knowing mind to first and foremost become aware of itself, then become aware of its awareness. These processes have no end date. To them, time is not a binding concept but a mere game; concocted solely for entertainment.

These processes are innately selfish — selfishness has been stigmatized in current societal norms as an alienator, a tool to ostracize self from others; but this is not so, this isn’t true. Selfishness, from the root word “selfish” — a joining of the words “self” and “ish”, where “ish” is a slang meaning “thereabouts” —  could be transliterated into “the self, thereabouts”; the “things for” comes from the “ness” suffix which makes “selfish” into a concrete noun; thus giving “selfishness” it’s pervasive meaning “things [done] for the self; [thereabouts]”.

An example of selfish acts is this: “bathing” — for it is for self however for others also; that their environments aren’t polluted by smell. If bathing was a metaphysical action however, which could be scrutinized under laws of morality, we may have a smelly problem.

Same thing with sentience and unconscious existence, you see. You must realize, boy, that unconsciousness is the primordial setup of all sentient beings; begging introspection. Attaining higher levels of consciousness is but an epiphenomenon of selfishness; and this selfishness will only amplify with clarity.

This is our culture. The culture of the living dead.


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