Why I Write

I write
To capture
Minds enraptured
In mundane goings
And show them that within
All these hustle and routines
There is a whole world of beauty
Which prides itself in hiding, you see
Unless one stops still and looks in-between…
This beauty may never be enjoyed
Lack of beauty leaves humans spoiled
This is one of my reasons
For penning down musings
And more you will hear
For two hundred
Words are still
Far far

I write
To escape
From culture’s grounds
Which seek to constrict
My creativity
You would agree with the crowd
That there are some things you don’t say
To elders and holy-men alike
Even if you know what they do is wrong
It is courteous to hold back your tongue
Lest you risk them calling down fire
On your disrespectful ways
But the pen isn’t bound
By these trifle things
When cultures fade
Words transcend
Try to
My younger days
The role English played
While I sprouted skywards
And I recall the failure
In everything English Language
Composition and comprehension
Must have been sent from the devil, I’m sure
I needed thorough interventions
For my skills in comprehension
And of course composition
I could keep rhyming -tion
But you would get bored
Long story short
No English
No drive
But then
Something clicked
Something happened
I started ranting
And quietly screaming
Pressure had built up, aft’rall
Na stammerer na’im vex pass
I rediscovered my writing
Which I had lost since kindergarten
Through the years my tongue tied with the stutter
I rediscovered I could write still
Despite oblivious of clause, tense
Verb, noun, sentence, and zen-tense
A certain calm returned
As I wrote it all
Victory, pain
Bloodlust love
Poems and
Hearts in love
Pump too much blood
To the mind at once
This causes a silence
When in deep conversation
Because one mind cannot filter
Out right words to use in such moments
So I write to give life to the dead air
Which tries to divide me and bebe
To allow my love be expressed
In its most beautiful dress
The best bedazzling verse
To at least return
The sweet music
Her love plays
In my


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