If only Eve ate BlackBerry instead of Apple; this Android would have not been born.

Now men roam these streets; Steve looking for Jobs, but cannot find any. Sony Erics’son has gone Microsoft from the never ending hustle. I Nvidia Vertu. You Nokia, you knock there, nothing forthcoming. As far as Alcatel, they think we are not Sharp.

With no luck I came home
To the smell of a fart
The air-tease alert of this empty hen
And the smell of the air tells me
There is no glow back home
Someone has eaten all the golden eggs.

Huawei to go through all these?

One day, these would all be over. We shall live beyond crystal gates singing Samsung with Panasonic tunes. Then, I swear to you Adam, when I Mitsubishi would think a Motorola over after the beating she would receive.

For now, I’d be content with my current hustle
Selling jeans sized LG from HTCs
Selling LG jeans from eight to six.

“Telecoms” © Yaasky, 2016


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