Soliloquy with Diplomat

It was raw, it was electric, there was eerie silence. That “brink” silence; that “what the heck!?” silence.

Why is this happening? He must have been impressed …by so little too. I mean, it’s ordinary honesty; even babies know how to do this.

A man of his caliber, laden with the mission of a country to another, must know much about exit plans.

To quieten a man whose day job is mainly speech was almost sinful; ostentatious to say the least—or so I thought.

Now the realization hits home. The diplomacy in words employed by the astute to wow the crowd is nothing but the fluttering of a hummingbird’s wings; so much in so little time but carries no bang! They are finely crafted to make you wander in wonder, pulsate in false states of the knowing. Given infinitesimal time, they can raise our joy to heights unfathomable. But when we wake up, we realize we have been robbed.



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