“Wa Gba Kontrol”

…incumbent. And we must understand that the institutions are nothing without the human. Everything ever erected was erected around the human by humans for the human. There is no convention which supersedes the human. There is neither government nor institution nor convent which dominates the human completely. How shall humans regain power, you may ask, how shall humans regain control. Simple. Return to Innocence.

Now this Innocence I speak of is not of religion, creed or culture—heck even those three are institutions, as primary and fundamental as they may be—erected around the human by humans for the human. The Innocence is the very. nature. of the. human which… just… is.

Get to understand that without the human, the government has no bite, without the citizens the clergyman has no preach and without the congregation, the judge has no verdict, and in compu-speak, without clients, the server has no service!—note, it may seem that the leaders for the corresponding groups of people are misplaced, especially in compu-speak where the server, belittled in words, is the overarching lead… think beyond, the concept is the unified at its fundamentals. This is a premonition of the impending upsurge of humans which I thought of in the bathroom this morning.

“The Government cannot govern the governed.”
— my simple mind

The antithesis of this quote is a pervasive illusion which has permeated every human culture ever since the agrarian eras: some overarching body which seems to dictate what one can and cannot do, some monarchical figure—ironically human!—set over a gang of humans as “leader”. Get to understanding, people, that all these are illusions: binds on the human mind which disallow one from seeing the warp and the woof. Doubt me? Take away the humans. Take away the governed for one second a month and see how this hitherto glorified government of ours willfully and effortlessly throws itself into a state of incurable panic; one which spirals down to its very own implosion. Take away the clients from a server and all networking engineers are out of business—just like that, poof! gone with the wind, and the wind has no destination #bless!

I enjoin you all to retake your spot as the human. But you would say…

Dear Explorer,
Praised be thee that ye are not of class Internet, lest meagre minds belittle your adventures as that of Internet Explorer. I pray thee answer and beckon thy hitherto subliminal wisdom on matters pertaining to how one regains foothold when the threshold thus of such ruling entities are above eye-level? Surely thou thinkest not of us acrobats able to achieve such feats ever so effortlessly on the daily—this would be a complement the very eagle may never live up to. Tell me, oh Explorer, wanderer of the deep, wallower in benevolence, destroyer of hitherto principled edifices, how can this feat be achieved? I only pray thee harken this once, and I shall fade away like yet another puff of smoke from an addict’s lips.

Still, I remain with the notion that it is possible to regain control over the government institutions—again, another disclaimer to make this fool-proof, hopefully: “regaining control over…” does not mean presiding or “ruling over” as the context may imply. Ruling over a governing is not superseding, but the dance constituting of the constant swapping of roles between the ruler and the ruled. This yields an illusion of things being “in the balance”; a repugnant and shameful cycle where the learned is aware of the snares which binds.

Knowledge of oneself and actions within one’s boundaries may serve as a good starting point—the starting point to which there is no end, for knowledge of oneself can never be in toto. The very achievement of the knowledge of oneself creates room for more understanding of oneself.

Consider this case study—brushing your teeth. May sound dumb right? This is done every day by the harbingers and worshipers of Hygiene; harbingers hopefully—can not vouch for those. Assuming the government was to preside over this process, the brushing of teeth, how would they gain control? In every dominating stratagem, it is imperative to command space-timefor your information and for the record, this is very difficult and no one, not even the governments we succumb to, has gotten it right yet. Space and time hold the same meaning as they do in English and Physics: space-time is their coming together to form a continuum—fancy word for “one thing”. However, the modelling of this space-time is unique per domain. Space-time for brushing ones teeth may very easily be translated to when and where. Let us put ourselves in the government’s shoes—I know, I know, they stink, but hey… in order to see the beauty atop Mt. Everest, one must climb, and in order to see the beauty at the depth of the ocean, one must dive; it is necessary we do this—and see how we can govern this situation. At ease with the truth that we can not control the when aspect,—for time is highly temporal and stubbornly unyielding (could not care less about the tautology), also, sneaky humans be sneaking toothbrushes into work to brush their teeth whenever they feel eyes are not on them—the government chooses to control the where aspect—the environment and necessities for brushing ones teeth. In order to control the environment, they choose to command the water—they can shut it down unless you pay a fee to use it—and the toothpaste industry—in order to make toothpastes, you have to get entangled in some bureaucratic hullabaloo—and also the toothbrush industry in similar fashion. Is this sounding like a government you know? Read along, partner. In doing all these, we must continue to play on the need for brushing ones teeth for hygiene, grandstanding—in mainstream media, apparently every product can lead to sex—and other purposes; hence the crass ads and commercials you see on the media these days. With our people properly incentivized and our hold on the industries, we can hike the prices on toothbrushes, toothpastes and water supply without any effort to them more comfortable, efficient and clean, respectively.

Does this sound like—cough TTC—a government you know yet? Read along, partner!

We—in the government’s shoes—have succeeded. The people are now hooked on us like heroin is hooked on its addicts—again, the bidirectional relationship of drug addiction allows me make this correlation. We have become powerful. And in the light of addictions and its insatiable hunger, we must expand—as all governments do, from time historical to the now: the Persians, the Romans, the English, the Americans, the Nigerians. The political logic, language agnostic, flows thus: “If we could control brushing teeth in our domain, and the process of brushing teeth is the same across domains, what says we cannot control all processes of brushing teeth? After all, our domain modelling must have been flawed. Yes we originally modeled this domain as a circle but after implementing our governance, we find that all circles are on planes and the plane can be governed in the same vein, so why not? Kickstart Operation Global-Control!” Now, on the side note, this is where—if governments learn from computer technologians1 adept in distributed systems, their principles and perils—they would be conversant with the problems in scaling up a software system horizontally and vertically thereby effectuating a better governance; but no! What do computers know about humans?

Soon we lose control. The humans find less use for unattractive and unhygienic teeth and find ways around them. People begin to realize that the teeth-brushing is only but the scraping of the enamel to reveal the whiteness underlying the hard gold lack of hygiene blesses humans with; that speculation on fluorine preventing cavities can be circumnavigated with proper diet (tea, maybe), and that it’s cavity-prevention gospel is but a hypothesis which has but stood the test of time unchallenged. No one kisses their significant other anymore for this may transport an infection—and they are cool with this! Our ads begin to fail. The sign of affection has now become—as Mr. Bones and his clan did it—a slap on the cheek and knocking the foreheads together. Fresh breath slowly becomes something which is frowned upon by the upcoming generation as they are greeted with teeth of yellow and proudly educated with foul breaths from “re-cultured” mouths. “Our people have gone mad!”—this, in many other flavours, languages and thought processes is the conclusion of many institutions in our scenario. “How are we to take back control?” is uttered as we frantically pace our boardrooms in conversation. “How. do. we. help. these. folk?”—never crosses our mind as this would mean relinquishing power into their hands and seeing us for what we really are: phoney. Slowly these humans—our people!—regain their individual sovereignty. This is the nightmare of every institution; this is the nightmare of every business and business man—for an institution is but an umbrella of businesses backed by a sovereign state (and a “sovereign state”… what a lie! calling states sovereign).

Return to Innocence. And this does not mean the humans should regress in societal and cultural behaviour. But an understanding of the self which supersedes sociocultural definitions; an individual sovereignty which need not struggle for power in any ethno-political domain.

Knowledge of oneself and actions within one’s boundaries may serve as a good starting point to self-mastery—the starting point to which there is no end, for knowledge of oneself can never be in toto. The very achievement of the knowledge of oneself creates room for more understanding of oneself. Because ample knowledge of oneself must get one asking who is the I who knows… (efforts are then made to understand the aspect of the human who is the observer); who is the I who knows enough to make me know I know… (efforts are then made to reconcile the observer who observes the observed, uniting them into one); who is the I who… in short! Who is “I”?! There is an answer. The answer is the same across all humans—some would say this answer is “universal”, but that already taints the nature of the answer in itself. I claim the answer is in the journey to the answer; something which folds on itself vehemently and repetitively but never reaches an originating source. Once this is truly understood, and individual sovereignty is reached, you would realize, Dear Curious, that you have already regained a foothold in the threshold—whatever that is—in individual sovereignty, you have regained control.


Dear Curious,
It is with great joy I reveal to you your hitherto “ruling entities” hath neither foothold nor threshold—they may be thresh. You are your rule. You are your sovereignty. Knowledge of oneself and actions within one’s boundaries may serve as a good starting point to self-mastery—the starting point to which there is no finish, the centre which hath no circumference.

  1.  Note the word “techonlogian”. It’s a word which has not made its way into English yet, but its etymology should make sense to the adept. Techno from the Greek tekno has been tainted to mean something technical while its original meaning was something in the “arts and craft”, something which needs much skill. Logian should come from the Greek logos and the Mid Latin logia which both converge into meaning “a subject of study or interest”. 

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