Ticks Tacking Toes

First came the obsession with tic tac toe. You know these, those little nine squares in which Xs and Os struggle to coordinate their population into a straight line. This was the greatest puzzle to a young mind.

Then came with the insatiable hunger to never lose; without knowing there was some math to it. “This is bounded,” I then thought, “only nine cells. There should be a way to master every rule. Never losing. Never humiliated.” So I played, like all chess masters do, against myself, over and over again, losing every time, and being satisfied with my loss—how quickly the tables turn.

Afterwards, the fascination with tic tac toe in three dimensions (d = 3). This brought the idea of more than one player and cubes with sides, the lines on which these Xs and Os contend being greater than three (n > 3) and games with more than two players (p > 2). Alongside came the thought of Quantum Tic Tac Toe—intricacies of this, I would not go into because it already exists. Immediately, during the same day of explaining tic tac toe in three dimensions to a fellow bright computer engineer, came the thought of “d > 4?”—a possibility that this tic tac toe game, simple as it was, could be extrapolated into four dimensions; we would need new rules!

Then came the madness in thought. Tic Tac Toe in four dimensions. Rather than a spatial four dimensional game play, this was a scenario where time and age play a role in how you win. Your Xs grow old with an (n x n) number of possibilities to age. This madness grew exponentially. And in this madness was the beautiful lady clothed in white. Her clothes sparkling but her face dulled with worry. In her hand she held a sceptre; as if she knew she would soon reluctantly let power go. “Tic Tac Toe in higher dimensions is a daunting task”, the words came not from her but from her crown. “Unless you are ready to venture into this madness, do not approach. For you first of all have to be one of them before you can lead them.” I turned my gaze to the right where I saw Taurus and his children—rampant, radical and rascal but kept at bay by the sceptre’s command—their feet raising up dust of ones and zeros, their nostrils aggressively puffing out lightning …you could almost taste! the rancour. “And believe me”, she continues, “they are reluctant in sharing what they know with the humanity you know. ‘Filth’ is what they refer to Humanity as; ‘simpletons!’ Humanity, an actualization which discards the grandiose because she resides in the fundamental”. Suddenly, it was like we exchanged countenance; faces but not clothes. Slowly her head came up and mine down—I had taken on her worry and she, my verve. Was my life force being sucked out? Had my purpose just been taken from me? Was there really no way to push man’s consciousness past boundaries set by nature? Did this bitch just sting me…? But then I realized I called her here. The madness had long settled; the mob quiet. There seemed to be an eerie calmness in the air. Stillness froze all my motor senses down to speech for I yearned to curse her imprudent nature and forge on; creating my own madness if I couldn’t have hers. But the stillness would only break with the whiff caused by her garment as she turned from me. Sceptre still firm within her grasp, crown sitting proudly on her head with the crown jewels calling me out—in an ever so loud subtlety—to a stare-down contest. And as quickly as she came she was gone. Stillness went with her. Everything was gone. The crown, the pretty, the sceptre, as quickly. “Never again would I tolerate such humiliation from a human”. Those words came with such warmth. For her garment was now matte; her sparkles enveloped my sleeved up my arms. With the sceptre in my hand, “Prepare yourself, this isn’t over yet” were the only words I could muster.

And with this new found madness, I have set out to create. But as all madness will have it, in its bipolar nature, I am left in the constant swing between master and slave, the eternal tango of authority and service, the unknown dance of purpose and achievements. But in a study of this problem—which still has no end in sight—there are the many spin offs which one could be glad with.

  • The three dimensional space we exist in, providing us with various degrees of motion and expression.
  • The two dimensional decision-space our thoughts brew in; yet—and rather irrespective—produces complex! interpretations capable of understanding the most vague of ideas.
  • The one dimensional life. Oh life! From birth to death, regardless of our decisions, we ride.
  • The zero dimensional consciousness; from which all others cascade.

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