A Letter to Diane

Hello Diane,

I stumbled upon your blog when I was reading the Names of God Bible version and had to google “el Kanna”. At the time, your blog post came up tops on Google—this means, according to the interweb, all things pertaining to “el Kanna”, you are the go-to authority. You wrote an amazing post about God and his jealousy. I took a picture to remind myself of this memory: an introduction to a new name of God, el Kanna.

El Kanna: Jealous God

El Kanna: Jealous God

But I must add that this was rather selective and myopic in its selection—with subjectivity being the centre of this myopia. Please accept this letter as some correctional lenses. It may sound painful—as all corrections do. I promise to tread easy in inessential respect [I chose to have for the sake of this post] of the subjective nature the “current church” forces Christianity into.

Your interpretation of God’s jealousy as “jealous for you” teases the idea of not being angry, violent, and all combinations which stem from merging those two in many proportions.

I pray you read Nahum 1:2 and see where this jealousy leads. You’d encounter words like furious, fierce, rage, wrath and so on—dependent on the version you read. All these are “bad”. You wouldn’t want to spend time with a jealous, furious, fierce, wrathful man filled with rage. Frankly any female who agrees to appreciating such a man… might as well agree she enjoys being raped, having her head cut off and hung on a trophy wall. I thought so. Only male praying-mantis suffer that fate ( ._.)

And yes, jealousy is bad. Jealousy is also good!

We humans—by virtue of our bigendered creation—have categorized EVERYTHING into two: good and bad. This has been a wrong approach. To prove this, allow me claim that Hell and Heaven are the same place. Preposterous, isn’t it? Blasphemous, if you may. But if I add you pointed me to this fact in the bible…? Evidence is what you’d ask for. Please re-read the last two verses you posted: Isaiah 33 14:15. “Who can walk through the burning fire? The righteous.” Realize all souls are going to the same place? Why would the righteous walk in a place with burning characteristics, with the capacity to burn? The version you made reference to in your post makes mention of continuous burning—if this isn’t Hell or hellish, I do not know what is. This is where sentimental christians change the meaning of “burn” for the righteous into “fervor”—now that. is. preposterous!

Dear Diane,

The reason I have this as a post on my blog and not a comment on your post is the swiftness with which it is made available to the masses. I have dropped a comment on your blog and mentioned you in a tweet, both pointing you to this.

I do hope you can unlearn the false paradigm of good and bad. The damages it does to the mind are far-reaching: up into the heights of your imagination and down into the depths of your subconsciousness.

Yasky, son of iGravity™, first of his name.


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