The Navel — A Premise

Have you ever studied it? The subject line. It’s a part of the human body which received the least attention.

First, I must acknowledge and thank the hunger I felt which made me press on my lower abdomen. For some radical reason, I think compressing the stomach will shut it up when it’s growling for food; and I know I’m not the only one who does this. Thanks hunger (:

The navel is a hole.
Thank you and goodbye.

Biologically, the navel is the end of a story, the conclusion of care, the full-stop that marks all weaned. Remember when you were a fetus? I thought as much. I don’t either.

Thanks to science, we can now be judged for actions we have no memory of.

The foetus does not eat through its mouth. No…—How can a human exalted into the glorified state of existence in another human bring itself as low as exercising the impoverished habit of living from hand to mouth? Preposterous!! But nourishment has to get to the foetus somehow; else its death—blamed on its slave as “miscarriage” or “stale birth”—is imminent. Nourishment from the mother reaches the foetus through the umbilical chord attached to the navel.

Allow ourselves assume the umbilical cord so selective that it only passes nutrients from mother to child. Cells are born and cells die. Process of mitosis (and meiosis) creates cells with some sort of shotgun approach. In the developmental stages, the foetus picks and chooses what cells are necessary—the science of such picking and choosing being a whole different story. Where do the dead cells go? More intriguing, who’s this picker and chooser which selects the cells for the generic foetus? and under what psyche does this chooser operate? This is just a bit to nudge your mind in the direction of foetal biodynamics—not just its biology.

Soul in, soul out. Is this the gate?

Recently, a mummified thought was reanimated: when does life begin? Mindless combination of cells at some point creates something whose first instinct is assumed to cry. When in the growth of this thing is life-as-we-know-it born? My guess… the mother plays some very key role in this. Since the only outlet to the “outside” world the foetus has is through its [soon to be “navel”], life (or the life-giving thing) must have come from the mother somehow.

Drink for thought.


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