Facial Expression


All God made was a face; everything else is His reaction to circumstance.


This may not lead to anything productive—that is the reason why it is necessary. When the mind thinks it leads to direct action; but when le soul ponders, it is for the mind and all its faculties to cogitate in all ramifications possible. This is deviates from the normal thought process of “why” into more of what—the first of its kind. This being said, the views in this piece, post, writeup or whatever you choose to call it, is primarily wrong (such is my defence against critics of correctedness). All definitions and dissections of concepts spelt out here have been born of thought experiments; no bureaucratic, political or scientific research was done—this is inherently subjective; frankly, it’s difficult to conduct experiments on the likes of these. However, you may—because of societies and creeds you were nurtured in—find some facts you reckon with, feel free to voice those; these same facts may come through as untrue, feel free to vociferate. In the end, my tongue would speak the language of the keyboard as fluently as the keyboard keys down thoughts under the influence of Tiger Malt. Credit of that previous statement goes to Komi Olaf and his Poetry.

With the initial disclaimer done, let’s face the music and dance to ourselves, shall we?


This goes firstly to all the creationists out there: those who believe God created humans. Secondly, this goes out to every religious person there is: s/he who believes adherence to a creed is inherently essential for life. And finally, this goes to all those in the gender war: feminists, masculinists (if such a term exists), and all those searching for equality of the earlier two. Finally—most importantly—to the gregarious mind that has decided to flock together.

That blank page before the main content

Chapter 1: Unity

I have been… you know what? I recently had this idea and penned it down. Re-read the abstract to refresh your memory. The actual content of this post would have been a long atrocious and rather “blasphemous” read (depending on the degree of sentiment you hold towards your knowledge)—you can tell from the disclaimer, as is my culture when the daunting ideas come knocking—the idea itself is mind boggling. Each time I thought about this, support material made themselves readily available to thought; even without my asking. Word after word, paragraph after paragraph, page after page, my pen scribbled; calligraphy turned into scribbles. But yesterday, I found the second picture which made me stash all my writings—they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, two, two thousand, which is about the amount of words I had written; hopefully.

Face Swap 1

Credit to @thecomedypics

This should look hideous as it is not the norm. This is not the proper representation of what I had in mind but it gets the brain thinking. And if you thought this only applied to humans, think again…

Face Swap 2


  • God created beings a unified gender which assumed the form a face (or head) has.
  • Every form that exists is but an extrapolation, an extension of the face.
  • Personality—or the concept thereof—was man’s original clothing.
  • More on this may be enough to write a book ( ._.)

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