State of the State

Into the pulp that we know it
From structures of law into rivers of politics
From fried chicken to frosted chit-chat
…by us, by them, by him, by her, by we all

Bloods of the innocent spilling on rocks of indecision
Unborn babies reporting to return their souls to the Hangman
Streets filled with hope when hopelessness rides in fancyness

Animals locked at horns while tails strike
Scars from the past chasing the present; the tail-whip of an ass
Palestine, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq


Forks and knives still dissect chickens
Forks and knives still dissect children
Holy men pray — Little boys faint
She urinates, you rape
She’s pale, you escape

Far from it
Should not be
Aren’t we the most intelligent of species?
Aren’t we the most developed civilization?

( ..)
( >
Worse have transpired and
Even worse, unfortunately, will

Ogas at the top smirk in ignorance
Queens of the deep bask in vanity
Children of the now grope in decadence
Technology is all good

Unborn babies crave justice for their inexperienced comrades
There has always been peace but…
Complex beings deserve complex solutions, no?
Hearts beat …irregular with the rhythm of Shahbag, the cries of Palestinian children, the hopes of Syrian families
( ._.)

We want, need, plea, ask, demand!!

The state of the state, you ask? It’s in a pile of B.S!


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