An attempt to explain Huckabee

This is actually a comment to a backlash (by Jlknapp505) on Huckabee’s speech on Fox.

Before I continue, I must say I am in no way a fan of Huckabee (or Santorum); I don’t meddle in politics lest I add my inadequacy to the mix. Matter of fact, I just knew of Huckabee last week from the video. And I don’t know his stand on gods and the like.

But there are some things I do know. And that I wish to share.

Now, on gods and other things that rule the consciousness of human minds… my intuition maintains that this supreme is the same across religions and creeds. Culture has only interpreted this differently across the world. The Greek Zeus = The Hindu Vishnu = The Islamic Allah = The Christian God = The Jewish YHWH. But interpretations of his disposition is heavily influenced by cultures. With the ability to communicate across cultures, the different interpretations become known to different creeds. Now the dominance attribute of humans kicks right into play. This gives rise to sayings like “What heresy!” and “Down with the infidels” and so on.

On Huckabee, you must understand his disposition of God comes from the Christian fold. What he hinted to is the morals that kept the Christians in history. This is a viable argument since there is written documentation on human life if such morals are followed (a.k.a The Bible). The “removal of God from schools” is a new frontier America is not yet used to. Breaking into a frontier unknown and an undocumented time frame in life would cause backlash from any avid follower of any creed. And what he says is true. Since there is no written documentation directing this new path of life America is taking, it will surely end in mishap (lighter put: happenstances which metaphors do not yet exist to conceptualize its meaning …ok maybe that’s more complicated)

Now on what you should not complicate. When a man speaks about God (“and other nonsense”), enter the framework of their religion and understand where they come from. Then, in your understanding, expand this into the creeds you know while keeping the translations in the presented concepts true.


2 thoughts on “An attempt to explain Huckabee

  1. Drat. Partial comment got posted, somehow. Can’t seem to get rid of it. Dump it, please.
    What I intended to say is this:
    Let me quote you: “The Greek Zeus = The Hindu Vishnu = The Islamic Allah = The Christian God = The Jewish YHWH. But interpretations of his disposition is heavily influenced by cultures.
    I think you made my point. A universally-relevant God would be the same across cultures.
    And if a God is culture-specific, can this vision or concept (including that of Huckabee) really reflect any sort of reality?
    I’ve approved your comment regarding my post. Feel free to crosspost anything I’ve written, so long as you credit me with authorship and provide a link so that readers can go back to the original site.

    • A link to your post is on mine. I would have preferred reblogging though. Subsequent posts will be reblogged.

      Yes, if God is to be universally relevant, he has to be invariant across cultures. I haven’t considered a culture-specific God because I fear it would fall into the bucket of mediocrity.

      Thanks for the checking this out.

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