Love, are we being engineered?

What is love but inconsequential framework finely instrumented by beings of higher intelligence to inhibit mankind into “life as we know it”?

That was the original thought. Constrained to one hundred and forty characters, there is more room to expand that thought but I want to keep this short.

Love is the one phenomena no one knows about. Its science is not fully understood. Yet, for some reason, even the youngest of us feel the pull towards love. And by love, I don’t mean the infatuation rubbish youngins plunge into head first detrimental to the development of their body and mind to its near-maximum capacities; but the love an infant has of its mother. Throughout life, we claim to go through “love” without knowing why we do (or feel the need to). It’s there, it’s innate, it’s primal, it’s …delusional.

None knows from whence it started. None knows how it ends. It transcends logic & arithmetic, the esteemed modellers of “earth as we know it”

Now think with me, if you may.

Assume there was no purpose to all these. Assume the Epicureans are right, and the separation of the soul from its body puts an abrupt end to life itself. Then there would be no meaning to our actions. Love would be a case of—in the words of Professor Katt Williams—”trying shit, trying shit…won’t work; trying shit, trying shit…won’t work; trying shit, trying…switch it up; trying shit, trying shit…won’t work”. Redundant myopic cycles.

But now assume there is some continuation. Yes, the separation of the soul from the body invariably means death. But! What if the soul continues on. And our consciousness can infiltrate another form continuing its existence—and this is the tricky part—…with everything it (the soul and its intelligence) accumulated from earth. Aha! Therein lies some purpose. Pondering more on this would show there is some possibility of an exo-existence; one to which we are a subset.

If there is no such exo-existence, my thoughts beyond this point are meaningless; and if you have something to do, go do it. However, if there is, what do they know about what we call “love”? I am not concerned in an existence to which our concept of love is alien. However, assume there is one… one to which our concept love is so fundamental that they have found a way to engineer love the way we can engineer electrons. Imagine this existence, this civilization, and feel the breath of fresh peace.

Now if this be the case, fellow mankind, we are screwed. They have transcended our logic. They know our arithmetic. Dare I say they gave us both. They can engineer us in ways we are blissfully oblivious to. We are but pawns in their hands. But nonetheless, to them, we should be grateful.


3 thoughts on “Love, are we being engineered?

  1. Tee says:

    The human motivation system is linked to the brain reward system, the mid brain dopamine circuitry. When we achieve a goal our brain releases dopamine into the nucleus acumbens, a region in this mid brain circuitry. This results in immerse euphoric pleasure, the type of sensation we associate with romantic love. So the average person is motivated to love because its rewarding. It simply feels good to love. What is love? Love is the resultant behaviour from dopamine release. Just like eating is the resultant behaviour from leptin increase in the brain. Its not mystical or beyond our reach, complicated or any of these things, it simply is a bodily response.

    • Tee, thanks for your insight on the issue. There’re so many things to take away from your comment at first glance; I’m grateful you shared!

      But I fear you discuss the “how it is” as opposed to the “why it should be”. Allow me rattle your comment a bit. Consider love as behavioural response as you say. We then lie helpless and at the mercy of those who can altruistically tweak and twist the stimuli? Possibly. To bring the scope down to your explanation, of all phenomena present in human reality, why do we associate the euphoria from accomplishments to romantic love? Reduce “human reality” to “human cognition” for an even smaller scope. Still the question holds.

      You speak technically — properly dissecting the issue at hand; much respect earned. You speak like one who will not consider this exo-existence I coin — I think “meta-existence” is a better term. If this is the case, my first question in the previous paragraph will make no sense to you. Nevertheless, I employ you to take two steps out of your current focus and observe the big picture. Ask more “why”s.

      • Tee says:

        We don’t necessarily associate the euphoria from accomplishing to love because love on its own accord is capable of eliciting euphoric pleasure. So why do we love? We love simply because it feels good to. To love is to accomplish. It is the essence of our existence. As humans we feel the need be able to affect those around us. We are sensation seekers and thats why we have being able to explore almost every thing within our reach. To love, to feel. We don’t require an exo-existence to truly appreciate or make sense of love. It is rewarding enough here and now. After all we engage ourselves with other feelings not even anywhere as rewarding as love like hate, anger; so why love not.

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