Islands of Men

Its shocking …heck, embarrassing, to realize how interdependent humans are forced to live. Even the extremely independent only meddle in interdependence. This concludes another experiment I have subject my poor self to.

Segregation, to the mind, promises. Especially when there is a new hobby or a rekindling of an old passion, segregation seduces. We tend to migrate into the new circles of our new hobbies and crafts. The need to focus on what we currently do fixed us in bubbles (or hamster wheels) that ostracize us from society as we knew it. These bubbles will always help us advance our new found skill. The analogy or connection can be made from all bubbles; they rise in any media they find themselves in given that the bubble stays intact. All bubbles do this!

The ideal scenario would be to be completely done with the previous and on to the new. But after months of studying social media from outside social media, this has proven not to be true. The past tails us like a shit stain on a wedding dress. Whoever we were tags along in whatever we do. One thing I noticed though, and experience—my ever faithful teacher—emphasized this rather strongly is to never live the future with doctrines and emotion layovers from the past. But in terms of people and social circles, I am yet to see true islands.

Another bubble analogy. All bubbles rise. But at the surface of every media in which a bubble rises (or the interface between the medium the bubble rises and another), science tells us this bubble has to open up. This hold true irrespective of the characteristics of the medium. Hence, with humans and our bubbles of expertise and segregation, we would one day open up to let what we have kept in flow out and allow our bubble reconnect with its surroundings.

In the end, we all need each other. Something in us yearns to be connected. Love may be overrated but inter-connectivity and interdependence is a fundamental building block of the human psyche.


Is it that most men (referring to all human now, you sexist blood-thirsty hounds) who venture down the path of true segregation hits the same wall? Is there a “disconnection threshold” we all are scared to cross or society does not allow is breach? If these are true, there may be some other form of living beyond. If we venture far enough, we may just find the islands of men.

Third and final bubble analogy.
At the interface of this new medium which the walls of the bubble open up to reconnect with its surroundings, notice that only what is housed in the bubble transcends into the new medium. Our hobbies, skills, perfections and expertise…things we guard using bubbles of all sort—social, intellectual and even emotional— will all fizz out someday. Leaving us in this interconnected world, it would transcend into the media (or realm) which it can exist freely. One which it wouldn’t need us and our bubbles to carry it though.

To what then do we owe this phenomenon? Do we keep living as islands of men or start working together? It is the paradox of the bubble and the bubbled.


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