iOS6 on iPhone 4

With every new iRelease, there is a buzz around the new product. Earlier today, the iOS6 (6th operating system on mobile devices made by Apple) was released. After playing with it a little, there’s much to be said about it. In fact, there is so much to be said about it you may forget what cannot be said about it.

UINavBar: The default gradient for the navigation bar for all apps have been changed from the dull blue to one with a lighter more metallic? color. Also, the status bar up tops now reflects the two default colors of the navigation bar. It’s blue when the navigation bar is blue and black respectively.

The App Store has been redesigned; from the initial look and feel to how apps are displayed in the App Store. The install progress is now shown on the app icon. And after a new app has been installed, it has a “New” badge until its opened.

Passbook allows you manage your coupons. This is the only app added to the stock collection by Apple.

YouTube has been removed. The replacement app is made and maintained by Google.

Reminders has been blessed with the nagging feature. If the tasks aren’t completed by the due date, it adds to the badge count on the app icon.

Mobile Safari remains the same for the most part. Except the iCloud Tabs which, I guess, stores tabs on the cloud. Google Chrome for iOS allows for multiple tabs. Goodness knows why Mobile Safari cannot follow suite without introducing the iCloud dependency.

Facebook Integration is basically the same thing as the Twitter integration which came with iOS5. Personally, this feature does not appeal to me …yet. The concept of daisy-chaining accounts can make you as vulnerable as this guy.

With the concept of Facebook a integrations and Twitter integrations providing means of authorizations, Apple decided to implement some local authorizations of their own. Apps seeking to access Contacts, Photos, Calendar and Reminders have to be authorized.

Settings have changed too. A section now addresses Facebook integration. Other changes are

  • The duplicate Wi-Fi option in General ->; Network has been removed
  • The Network section under General has been removed entirely.
  • A Do Not Disturb section has been added to Notifications. It’s function is trivial from the name.
  • Privacy is a new section in the landing view of settings to handle authorizations.
  • Brightness and Wallpaper have been squished into one section.

Maps have lost its dependence on Google Maps. Apple Maps, as I choose to call it, is now closely integrated with Yelp. There is a check-in action that should check you into the location in Yelp. What the iPhone 4 does not have with these new maps is the turn-by-turn voice directions while driving. That been said, the UI is way friendlier than the previous maps.

Mail now has a VIP option that aggregates all received mails from contacts you choose to be VIPs. There is a slight tweak to the UI too. A flag on the bottom left allows you flag a message. What is not apparent is that this same flag is what allows you mark a message as unread. UX fail!

While typing up this blogpost on my ever so loyal iPhone 4, I got pleasantly interrupted by an iMessage conversation. Trying to use an Emoji, I realized there’s many new additions; including the See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil monkeys!

The Sharing Widget allows tweets (and possibly Facebook statuses) to be sent from the Notification Center.

Game Center has been made faster too. There’s also the new Game Center Challenges where you can challenge people to beat your high scores and vice versa.

Podcasts and iTunesU have taken over their respective media from the Music app.

Find My iPhone now uses the Maps view to show your device. Unnecessary integrations have been removed too. UX win.
p.s: Turns out it also sends you an email every time your device has been found; even if you’re just testing to see what it does. What a pain.

Weather app now has a glassy look. Functionality remains the same.

There’s something new with the alert system. Usually, only ringtones had variations. Apple has now added different ways the phone can vibrate. When the device is on vibrate, it is hard to tell a text from an email. But with this new variations in vibrations, it is now possible. The cool thins is you can make your own vibration sequence. The UI for this is pretty slick too.
To get your hands on this, open the Contacts app and edit any contact. Underneath the choice for ringtones, you’ll see a choice for vibrations. Scrolling to the bottom, you can create a custom vibration of your own by tapping (and holding) the screen.

Terms of Agreement have been updated for the following apps:

  • Game Center (12 pages)
  • Find Friends (18 pages)

And no, I didn’t read any of them!

Updates the iPhone 4 devices do not have are:

  • Siri — obviously
  • Turn-by-turn navigation in Maps. Use Tom Tom (and other navigation apps) for this.
  • Panoramic pictures. I heard this is built into the iPhone 5 camera. Not to worry, Microsoft’s iOS app, Photosynth, allows you do just that.

What I likes most?

  • The new App Store design.
  • New Emojis
  • Variations in vibrations
  • and the fact that the YouTube app was removed because Google’s YouTube app is just way better.

Peace and Technology!


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