The Beautiful Formlessness

There is a trend in the world; and this trend has survived the test of time. Humans tend to yearn for things they know they cannot get. Some call this the chase. Some call this the hunt. Either or, there is some thrill that comes with it. We yearn for things that are not attainable; then console our incapability by settling for the experience rather than the goal.

I should probably give examples: Happiness. The famous metaphoric clause associated with this is “the pursuit of happiness”. This subtly changes the form of happiness from an attainable goal to a process. We might as well have the sayings, “happiness on wheels” or “I ran 5 miles of happiness today”; where miles should be substituted with the measure used to quantify happiness—if any!

Quantifying happiness is hard; “Impossible is nothing”. If this were algorithms, quantifying happiness may be harder than the NP-Incomplete problems; just to put things in perspective. And we know quite well that the unquantifiable is ungraspable, being ungraspable depicts lack of structure or form, this in turn proves the formlessness of the unquantifiable. The same fate befalls most virtuous ventures pursued by regular aspiring humans. But somehow, this pursuit gives us purpose. Without these pursuits, life becomes redundant, mechanistic and commonplace; without beauty.

However, explicitly embracing the beauty in formlessness is a task humans have not been able to achieve.


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