Power Series – The Boundary

Boundaries are made to contain an idea in order to map the idea from the ethereal into the realm of the corporeal. They serve as restrictions on concepts, based on existence, so we don’t embark on outrageous feats. Boundaries are nature’s limits.

Scientifically, nature is limitless. More appropriately, the boundaries of nature have not been found.

Just because one has not found the boundary of power doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

This post was potent. However, I lost me train of thought far back in time, retrieving it is futile.

Thinking about losing trains of thought, I realized time is created to erase things that memory does not grasp. This opens the thought that time may be some sort of pseudo-infinite concept. Meaning, time is actually a finite which slides on an infinite plane. I am tempted to ascribe this plane to Memory but let’s think more.

Without Memory, History will not exist. Since History, paraphrased, is “the current existence of things that were” or as my crazy self will put it “the time-binoculars which only looks backwards”, if there is no memory associated with historical truths, we will not have access to them today. These historical events may have occurred but without memory to record them, they would have been lost—just like my train of thought. Time only exists on memory. Else we would all be able to tell what happened to Mr. Franx Heischwentson on 17th March, 1219. Im guessing most (if not 99.999999…%) of us cannot tell. Such a memory neither exists in your mind nor the mind of another who lived closer to the date of occurrence. How can this be? Time did exist then. How come occurrences in time are lost? Certainly, there is no point in time with a blank existence. How isn’t this accounted for? Why is History failing us? The answer, Memory. Time may exist independently; but it’s verification [or proof] exists in Memory which, I claim, is of a more infinite nature than time itself.

Pictorially, Time on Memory can be pictured as dendrite roots with holes in them. These holes aren’t lapses in memory but lapses in time which memory was not utilized.

…to be continued.


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