Shooting at Toronto Eaton Centre

The Facts
Around 6:30pm on Saturday, 2nd June 2012, there was a shooting at the Eaton Centre. Gunshots heard coming out of the food court. The whole mall was sent into panic. In the frenzy caused by a survival instinct, there was a stampede in which an unfortunate pregnant lady was caught in. She was rushed to the hospital after she went into labor.

The statistics of the shooting is as follows:

  • eight people shot
  • one dead—25 year old male
  • two in critical condition
  • five injured
    • two (a male and female) were shot in the thigh.

Rhetoric of the Newsroom
There was a fatal shooting at the Toronto Eaton Centre today. Multiple gunshots were fired at the Urban Eatery food court of the eaton centre. It was complete pandemonium in there. Seven people have been hit, another confirmed dead. One of the victims was a thirteen year old boy. Toronto mayor Rob Ford says this just “rips at the heart. I will do anything to help and to support the family of this thirteen year old. […] we have to apprehend this guy.” The entire mall was covered with police handling the situation. Police chief says they will have a “relentless search” for the suspect.

Pretty convincing right?

Now let’s look at the situation, resources and possible leads of this rather unfortunate circumstance.

  • Toronto Eaton Centre is the largest shopping mall downtown Toronto.
  • Thoudands of people shop and work here everyday
  • Video surveillance exists in the mall
  • Shooting happens at dinner time in the food court.

How easy will it be to get this guy. Too easy.

    • Freeze video surveillance at the time of the shooting
    • Check all cameras for the idiot holding a gun
    • Sharpen the image if need be and release his face on social media
    • The public can now google his face (I kid you not; check the Google iPhone app)
    • His online profile is created—from Facebook and his email down to his phone number and home address. The government makes us all give up this information anyway.
    • Voila! An arrest will be made in no time.

This approach will be termed ridiculous but so is the incident.

What will hinder the apprehension of this suspect?

  • Protocol: The shooter knows this, that’s why the shooter caused many other casualties
  • Pride: Jurisdiction issues. Who should and shouldn’t handle certain information. Jurisdiction over information.

My opinion
The shooter must have had ridiculously good aim. Of all those reported injured, the injuries were on their thigh.

Goodluck to the Toronto Poloce, Crime Stoppers, CP24, CSI Toronto and Flashpoint in apprehending the suspect. God speed in recovery to all the injured. And condolences to the deceased family.


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