The Educated Delusion

“The Sages move the world”—Kuzugen

Our standards of morality are begotten from the past needs of society, but is society to remain always the same? The observance of communal traditions involves constant sacrifice of the individual to the state.

Education, in order to keep up the might delusion, encourages a species of ignorance.”—Okakura

The system of education is flawed. This is a huge and rather blind claim. But sight isn’t needed to prove issues of thought; so, to hell with my eyesight.

Examinations are the pivotal judges of merit in our education system. These judges are the primary flaw.

You see, these examinations are set by people who are studying under the same system as you. They are called professors. If they understood a concept wrong, as long as the system obeys hierarchy and they are set above you, you are forced to live with a wrong concept.

Another fault is parents. Who was the “smart dad” who, in the meeting of the committee of fathers, opted for all children to receive higher education under a a closed system such as the university?

Inasmuch as the current educational system has redundantly proven incompetent—ask any great mind—scrapping it will be the harsh unintelligent solution. Rather, individual studies should be embarked on; and the outcomes made public.

With smart minds producing this much information, we can release our kids into the world and allow them plot their path in learning. With passion (providing the drive and obvious irrationality) and the information (providing the resources), unique solutions to the world’s problems won’t be a project. It will be a Google search away.

Unfortunately, such an institution—where where there is a communal decision to collaborate, pursue a unique course independently and share this research for free—is frowned upon by our current education system. It’s almost like education is engineered to foster ignorance.

It’s a grandiose paradox.


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