Everything that has a beginning…

What was the phrase with which you completed the title of this post as you read it?

While discussing with a pastor of a church who knew me as a youngin, he said to my hearing, “Everything that has a beginning…”, to which I continued “must come to an end”. He the continued his speech which, until this day, I have no idea what he talked about.

As soon as he picked up on my answer and continued his speech, I felt my mind recede from consciousness; leaving “uh-huh”, “yes” and “definitely” to marshal the conversation.

“Really? ‘…must come to an end’?”, I thought to myself. And on this, I ponder.

“must come to an end” is a strict assumption coercing trait and behavior. Not only does this thing that has a beginning, have an end; but it must come to it. Immediately I thought, “even in the world of computing where every heuristic is sought to be made logical, this is still not true.”

Maybe “has an end” would have been the best of replies. This way, we really don’t care about the behavior of this thing. But the existence of a beginning should relate to some end. There is still some coercion going on in this assumption but it’s mild[er].

Judgment remains the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions. So let’s see what judgements we can make on this issue.

From the statement, the only thing we know about everything is that it has a beginning. Outside that, any judgement we can make is due based solely on what our minds can fathom. And the mind, being so imperfect, we inadvertently come to flawed conclusions—for if we were perfect, we wouldn’t lean towards chaos as opposed to solutions.

Wisdom is a double edged sword, as we all may know. The argument made in the previous paragraph can be used against itself recursively; which might promise enlightenment, but what is enlightenment if not your present moment? The very thing we know.

My foundations are shaken. If you can prove the existence of an end from a beginning, do discuss. Or are they one and the same? What is it in a beginning that irks every human mind into fathoming an end? Are we the masterminds of our own destruction, our own end? What is our judgement? Questions, questions, upon a mind born in questions.

In the end, live, love and learn.


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