Facing Rejection

It seems people haven’t realized rejection is one of the easiest thing to deal with. And the ironic thing about circumventing the harsh feelings of rejections is: life doesn’t get any better. We have to face these cruel feelings to actually feel better about the whole thing.

Rejection—the concept in its entirety—comes down to one word: “no“. Another strikingly ironic fact, “no” falls in the class of Shortest Words in English! It should be as easy to receive as it’s easy to dish out.

How can one deal with this harsh rejection? Your guess is as good as mine. Another short word in the English language: “ok“. This is the beginning of dealing with rejection and the end of your outward interaction with the situation in which you just got rejected. The other part of the work comes when you do not allow the aftermath of rejection play on your self esteem.



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