Power Series – The Absolute

Power is absolute.

Think, for a second, about the opposite of power.


Most people come up with weakness as an opposite. But weakness is merely the absence of power. Think cookie jar power jar. Weakness is when there’s nothing in the power jar.

What then is the opposite of power?


Power in itself is its opposite. Such is the most basic trait of an absolute. Power is absolute.

So are many other concepts in the world—if deeply and truly investigated.

For so long humans have created uncertainty, too much uncertainty, from the need of a second opinion. The existence of one thing must mean the coexistence of its negation. What if we’ve been wrong? All these years, all these existence, chasing a phantom to suit the void in our minds.

“Create us, therefore, a phantom other, so that we who abide outside the creed may not be seen as outcasts, but saints of a parallel strength.”

Such appeals do our subconscious minds get everyday. And what better parallel strength than the negative of an already existing? However, in the case of power, the transformation into its negation is simply the reduction to its absence. There is no negative.

Power is natural. Math nerds ought to get this one.

Just a brain wave; with potential, hence a series. More is coming soon.


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