The Love Oxymoron


I saw this image as @amoskeytoe‘s profile picture a while back and saved it.

Looking at this picture one way, the usual way, the first meaning that readily meets our reasoning is hate. Pure hatred. Hatred so pure, it’s sad; almost sickening. An interpretation could be thus: He takes her to the highest point of the world so she could behold the view of the world like no other woman has ever beheld. The breeze is gently as the earliest of the sun’s rays caress the horizon. What a sight. She turns to him, elated in the moment. Also turned was the smile on her face as she saw the nozzle of the gun pointed to her chest. “I’ve had enough of you”, were the last words she heard alongside the roaring of the bullet as it exited the nozzle. Death by bullet-in-chest-falling-off-a-cliff. In court, the douchebag had this subtle yet sly comment, “Your honor, I only meant to break her heart; didn’t know it would kill her”.

Disclaimer: I do not endorse such actions. Such people should be ostracized from the community for peace sake.

However, looking at the image the other way, the not-so-obvious meaning which meets our reasoning is love. Love so immense, it’s brutal. Viewing the image the Arabic way (from right to left), this is what happened. “I know you are labelled a killer”, she said, “but I know more than that. I know the real you” He remained silent. “I want to be with you”, she continues, “to show you what I see; the other side of your coin which people often overlook. I see you have chosen such a high point, behind a tree behind you blocking any access. So I’d fly to you”. Dawn begins to break slowly as she, shockingly, against all odds, floats towards him. “And, almost forgot”, she pierces her chest, blood splurts everywhere, “this is the bullet you used last time you broke my heart. It’s been in there for a while now, caused much pain. I didn’t want to hold any grudges as I held you in my arms”. He stands puzzled as the nozzle of his gun still smokes, the nozzle being addicted to the nicotine that comes with his kills. “It’s nothing really”, she says with a smile on her face as she noticed his puzzled face, “I just want to fix your tie”.

Disclaimer: Of the women species/gender, only a Mom and your female Neo—The One—is capable of such love. So show her some love today too.


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