Eternal Question

The Premise

I got invited I a banquet hosted by Jesus House Toronto. This was during the easter season so the theme was an Easter theme. A friend was to perform a spoken word piece. During the banquet, different artists were united to come perform.

One of the artistes in this banquet, precisely of the band that was on stage when I walked in, repeated recycled the question “Did you learn to love?”. This question was repeated so much in the song, I forgot what the song was called alongside the name of the band and the artiste. The most annoying part was the fact that with each repetition of the question, I lost more focus on the food before me, the interesting conversations on my table and the pretty girl beside me. Before I knew what was going on, I stole a pencil from the table and started writing on one of the program sheets.

The thought

My thoughts written in that moment spewed thus: [and my current analysis and new thoughts lie in these square brackets]

Did you learn to love?

Sounds like a question that is gonna be asked in the judgement day trial [I was in a church setting so best believe I’ll be writing on some Christian issue]. We all are sent to the earth with nothing but a blank soul and a body to house it; all made in the image of the Most High. This is God’s gift to us. What then would be our gift to God but the lives we fill our soul with and present to Him. Then He would ask “Did you learn to love?” [how I am so sure this is what God would ask, I still cannot fathom; but hey, it was in the moment so it might be safe to say I was being “spoken to”]

Love is a communal movement. [Love is sharing. An exchange. A phenomena shared between two or more whose materialisation in physical form is an exchange of feelings, gifts, moments, property and anything that can be claimed by any of the parties] A movement that needs another to complete the exchange. How then us it that we are pushed on to live communally but judged in the singular [—alone]? To achieve a feel for the ethereal, we have to act communally [When a group or community come together for a cause, they often have the illusion of being part of something larger than life; I refer to the description of this purpose as an illusion because if it is larger than life, life should not be able to contain it, yet the outcome of this larger-than-life purpose is contained in life. However, each time any of such tasks are embarked on, we claim to come one step closer to a larger then life concept. The illusion sure is strong. But if I was to be a bit optimistic and consider the fact that we get closer to larger-than-life, the credit should go to the community. If we should ever come to see this larger than life entity, the community that birthed the purpose would be an ideal unto to e presented]. Yet to stand before Him, the community is broken and the individual is seen.

Final question then is: is love communual or is it something innate in the human? Something from the human to its soul.

Something we should think about.


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