24 Hours

24 hours in a day is not made for humans like me. Or, I was not made for 24 hours. One of those statements is a fact. 24 hours requires you to have a sleeping habit that lasts for 6-8 hours and leaves 16-18 hours for work during the day or as awake time. This implicitly states that the normal human body should meet its sleep doom after 16-18 hours of being awake. However, I find myself staying up for 21-22 hours on the average. I guess you could say 23 hours average. And this only requires I sleep for 5 hours! 27 hour days would be perfect. Who says the amount of hours in a day should be 24? Of what significance is 24 that all mankind should be ruled by it? Inasmuch as my questions are directed towards the perpetrator of this falsehood, my anger goes to the pact made by us humans with those perpertrstors in agreement. We have subconsciously agreed to live our lives daily by the 24 hour mark. In cycles, we morosely following a clock that ticks forward, infinitely. Maybe that’s why a clock is made in a circle; to appeal to and soothe our fragile pusillanimous selves.

The 24 hour problem is not the only of its kind. We all have routines that break the norm. But in fear of being the outlaw, the exile, the weird one, we cower under systems and phenomena whose inherent nature is to inhibit the capability of the human self. “Why?” is the question, to which I will not have a certifying answer. Oh well, to damnation we all head then. Not a damnation of pain, turture and evil unheard of, but a damnation of unfulfilment and an incomplete life.


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