LOL, ROTFL and their siblings

From the title, you’re probably thinking “finally, he does a hilarious post”. Well if you’ve been following the blog, you would be thinking “uh-oh, he’s about to say some other stupid stuff”. Well is you mix the two together, you would realize this probably a hilarious post about some stupid stuff.

Over the years, life has grown complicated and we focus on its complication too much. But there is some fun; there is laughter in our everyday lives—and communication. How?

We all know what LOL means. If you don’t, you’re probably older than 68 or younger than 3. For the unfortunate folks between 3 and 68, LOL—according to the Webster’s Dictionary of Contemporary English—means “[function abbreviation] laugh out loud; laughing out loud”. In modern contemporary communication, this is what people use I express laughter. This may be due to a funny message sent to them; or in the case of the socially awkward, a message they want to send and think it’s funny. Technically, laughing at their own jokes. Since this has been accepted into English as the formal way to laugh on text, I’ll let this slide and allow you come up with ways in which this could be funny.

Now to ROTFL which means “roll on the floor laughing”. This is madness. You ROTFL when you read something funny on a phone or a computer? Come on…. This should be one of the most hyperbolic white lies yet. And if it isn’t, it’s one of the funniest truths. Consider this, you’re chatting with a friend who—let’s assume—is crossing the street. All of a sudden, you see “ROTFL”. You should be concerned. Like dude, seriously? Even if this friend of yours was in a room alone. Studying on the desk. Suddenly “ROTFL”. I can’t help but think how funny that would be to actually roll on the floor laughing. Must be a blast!

Consider the following conversation and imagine it to be drama, not just instant messaging.

[Amelie is in her room burning the usual midnight candle for the LSAT]
[Rosalinda is at the club with a dude Amelie hooked her up with]
Amelie: How’s it going?
Rosalinda: Woooooohoooooo!!!! U r missing out babe this place rocks \m/ lol
Amelie: lol you crazy girl.
Amelie: & Jean Pierre?
Rosalinda: Oh he luvs it. I asked to have some time of my own.
Amelie: lmao wow, relationship issues already
Rosalinda: hahahaahahahaha you kill me
Amelie: rotfl !
Rosalinda: lmfao!
Amelie: bwaahahaha
Rosalinda: lwkmd
Amelie: lol lol okay why are we laughing?
Rosalinda: haha I dunno lol see craze
Amelie: hahahahhaaaaa okay enjoy. I’ve gotta finish this chapter
Rosalinda: aight hope that’s coming along okay
Rosalinda: oh he wants to dance. ok ok bye
Amelie: lmbfao! get home safe!!!

Now, uhm…


Understand this, I don’t know much about female dynamics but we can all agree that this is close to probable.

If you were in this conversation, some thing—thought about differently—should concern you a bit. Looking at the different forms of laughter and how they are executed, I can’t help but think, “Wow! Really?” For example, bwahaha. How does a laughter start with “bwa”? B-W-A… I leave the rest to your imagination. Another example is “lwkmd”— for those of you unfamiliar with this, it is directly translated to “laugh wan kill me die” meaning “after this, I will be dead and Laughter would be taken to court for the murder of an innocent citizen”. This should make you a bit concerned too. And the last, and the most concerning to me is “lmao”. Ladies… no comments.

Live. Laugh. Love. Learn.


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