Meanwhile, in another civilization…

There is sanity in chaos.

Humanity has set in place for itself a set of rules to govern and guide our every move. I can safely — with an opinion open to challenge — argue that there is nothing you do in life that does not have a fixed set of rules which you consciously, or subconsciously, follow to the letter. Most times, we follow these rules subconsciously.

A few examples…

  1. Brushing your teeth in the morning
    • what you would do is to put the toothpaste on your toothbrush before heading into the mouth to fight those nasties. This is good, no? It sure is. We have to arm our calvary (your toothbrush) with the necessary artillery (the fluorine in your toothpaste) to fight a good war agains the enemy (those nasty germs)
    • however, no one — or only a minute select few — ever starts with the toothbrush first, do some scrubbing, then in with the toothpaste and do some washing. That’s not just right. You may even get spanked for doing the wrong thing — even as a fifty year old adult. But looking intricately at the tooth-brushing exercise, through time, man have scraped the top of the enamel in this exercise. So it would be ideal to scrape the top contaminated part off first, rinse your toothbrush, then apply the toothpaste to strengthen the newly revealed underlying layer. And if this is not ideal, it is another approach with meaning. But no one ever does this.
  2. Courtesy: Now this can be a touchy subject depending on how your view of the world was constructed over time. Nonetheless, consider this case: a friend introduces you to their friend at a cocktail party (i.e. this new person you met has a mutual friend with you). The next week, on your routine path (to work, school, or yell at your grandmother) you see this person walking the other way.
    • it would be rude to just walk by and not say anything. You have, fortunately, gone past the awkward eye contact phase. You should approach this person for the sake of courtesy and extend your friendship based on the premises your mutual friend used to introduce both of you. This is right. You do not want to be labelled as the one who stares.
    • Or you could just walk off and wait for the next time you meet this person with, perhaps, another mutual friend. Moreover, is it your obligation to extend this hand of friendship? The other party is in the same predicament.

For the sake of the length of this post, let us only consider these two. These are some rules by which I can argue we live by. If not consciously, subconsciously we are delicately aware of the repercussions of not sticking to those rules.

Is this how we were wired to live? A thick set of rules that would not allow for flexibility or choice in the daily life. Moreso, a set of rules that blackmail anyone who does anything contrary — even though it may be innovative.

Studying the praying mantis civilization recently, I found out that the female praying mantis eats the head of the male after sex. “Odd”, I thought to myself, but this little creatures have been doing this for centuries. And I wondered, didn’t any praying mantis senator want to save his life? Maybe make a law that bans this barbaric act from continuing? Turns out this species don’t study law. I searched, then, for a holy man, an elite of the tribes to see if they look up to us as we look up to gods to divine their ways out of this madness. Your guess is as good as mine; they are not religious either. This was routine. Disturbing.

How would you feel about this case: a well groomed man meets a fine slender lady — of good conduct too. They decide after a few months of deep bonding to get married. Now on the wedding night, the usual honeymoon rituals occur and for a month they are all butter and cheese over each other. Suddenly, she finds out she’s pregnant. She’s happy but not exhilarated. He’s glad and concerned. They embrace in a long hug; celebrating the good news. As he breaks away from the hug, heading towards the closet, she uproots a hammer from goodness-knows-where and slaps the life out from the back of his head. Kills him. Cold. Dead. Gone.

I didn’t say scroll down to see how the post continues. Think about the case just presented to you.

What if this was actually our culture. Allow me explain this human culture to you. It’s pretty simple. Most of us live life devoid of the thought of what it all means. Such is our current culture. But in this case explained, tribes respect the transition of life. They believe the soul of a man is passed on in his seed onto the wife. Men live for the day they transfer themselves to their wives. They believe their souls — theirs and that if their wife — reach utmost bliss in coherence during what we know as pregnancy. This is when his very being — his soul — begins to take form in her. His soul is totally yielding itself to hers under the trust that she would, in this period, provide the perfect body to house the continuation of his bloodline. Women were seen as sacred. They were the only ones who can continue life. They were the only ones capable of embodying two souls in one body. No two souls of the same male can coexist; there would be anarchy in the system. The people believed that once a man went into a woman, he has beheld the supernatural and shouldn’t live in such a filthy mortal world. Nevertheless, both men and women were worshipped equally, there was balance on earth. Perfect peace when blood was shed. Bloodlines were consecrated to a particular art or skill. And this civilization lived in perfect harmony with the earth.

You may wonder why my tense is strictly in the past. Well, it’s a long story but the females became emotional towards their spouses and hiding them from the collector — also know in our present times as death who sought to keep a balance between the mortal and the divine. The males became cunning and created their own laws and rules; bidding the unknown to a divine force which they claimed ruled even their deities. As time nonchalantly ticked, these people evolved. Now the earth cannot not stand them anymore. We are now seven billion souls scattered around the earth, some forced to wander without purpose. We hear stuff like global warming which threatens to tip the very equilibrium of earth’s temperature balance. Poverty and starvation is fostered by technology; killings are verified (and sometimes done) in places where our mortal bodies seek healing. The once pure race, died.

Is this what this civilization of praying mantis are trying to elude?


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