Relationship between IQ and GPA

Before I start, I want to acknowledge the person who insprired this post; my friend, Mr. John Terence. He once asked a question on his Facebook profile page that read “what is the relationship between GPA and IQ?” Surprisingly, this did not grab as much attention as I expected it to. More than 500 million young people are in the GPA system right now and not many of them know the difference between IQ and GPA.

The general conception is “The higher the IQ, the higher the GPA” or “GPA is a measurement of your IQ.” Now some of you may already be in opposition to this but I ask that you fasten your seat-belts. By that I don’t mean “get ready for some amazing mind-blowing discovery”, I simply ask that you read through this thought-provoking conversation thoroughly.

Note: My response that spawned this post was when I read someone’s comment on Facebook: well, if the GPA is high, you definitely have a high IQ.

I beg to differ. The higer the IQ, the “possibility” of a higher GPA. The reverse is not the case either. It is more of: the higher the GPA, the stronger the proof that one understands the system and knows how to do what when. IQ is pure genius. GPA is pure hardwork. You can be stupid and have a 100% in GPA.

Recently, I heard of someone who was pressured by his father to study medicine. Now this guy, call him Tim Hawtinz, is sort of slow. He’s an ordinary man, lives life on the sidewalk — as opposed to the fast lane — and loves nature — most especially coffee beans. Being meek, he did not put up a fight with his father and more than gladly studied medicine. graduating with a 3.87, he walks home, hands his dad his transcript, packs his bags and leaves the house for the last time. Tim Hawtinz is now a prolific writer after graduating in his second degree in Literature and Classical Arts.

His IQ? Low. But his GPA? A stunning 96.75%. When he was asked how he did it he says, “everyone in who’ll knew my condition and worked me through it. I had good professors who always listened when I approached them and I always wanted to do more hours with my tutors who were always ready”. Hardworking. Despite his degree in medicine, Tim Hawtinz claims he knows nothing and because he never practiced it; though people still believe the contrary.

Examination is the true test of knowledge. Achievements in self-driven projects and effects which your initiative has had on your immediate environment and community shows your prowess in your field of expertise.



4 thoughts on “Relationship between IQ and GPA

  1. I always thought people who thought there is any specific relationship between GPA and IQ actually do have a pretty low IQ 😛 I totally agree with everything you said.

  2. Kur Ridgeway says:

    I know you didn’t deny this but I felt it was not sufficiently acknowledged: there is necessarily a relationship between IQ and GPA. Nevertheless, it certainly isn’t a correlation of 1. A personal attitude towards scholastic work is a large part of GPA (as you said) yet the cognitive capacity is certainly important–people receive mediocre grades because of ability, not just effort.

    • In this case, one can argue that ability grows with effort. There are students who switch majors to fields unknown to them; but they end up doing better in those fields. It’s definitely not a 50-50 distribution between ability and effort when it comes to GPA distribution; but it leans greatly towards the GPA being about hard work—of course the extreme case is what I talked about in the blog where IQ is all genius and GPA is all hard work (:

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