Heutagogy is study of self study.

This post can end here and you will know more than the average man.

Heutagogy, in practice, is the self pursuit of knowledge. Teaching has many forms that have evolved through the years to become standards in life.

  • Pedagogy: Instructing a child
  • Andragogy: Old people, learning
  • Constructivism: the belief that information is close to — if not completely — useless; but knowledge is formed from the mind of the learner; despite the data such learner is presented with.
  • and all the other -ologies I may not necessarily remember.

Heutagogy fosters individualism and confer tested in depth. You may recognize people who practice this “religion” by titles such as:

  • sage: archaic representation of one who understands beyond all fathomable boundaries.
  • master (or mage): related to sage but pertains to skills and doing.
  • doctor: after completing a Ph.D degree
  • genius: sage in your peer group

Know how and what you learn. You are the next smart mind the world is waiting for.

Just another exploration (:


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