A Humbling Encounter

It was the second day of class in a course I am too excited to take. Shockingly, this course teaches the one thing I vowed not to associate myself with — Uncertainty.

During this lecture, the professor asks us to discuss one of the newly described concepts with any partner we choose. The easiest way, I thought, was to turn in my seat and talk to the stranger on my right.

Courtesy beckons an introduction in strange encounters. I proceed to introduce myself and I get cut off; if the story ended here, you might want to read this action as being “rudely interrupted”.

But it didn’t end there. This stranger went on to say, “I remember you from a LOT* event”. Shocked, I was, to say the least. Loosening my grip, my eyes squinted, subconsciously beckoning him to carry on. “It was an LOT event last year.”, he continued, “You gathers us together and talked to us about web design. Ever since then, I have gone on to practice some things with Dreamweaver.”

Then it dawned on me. There were a couple younger students I pulled together last year I was in school. I gingered them about web design; spoke about some of my works and evangelized on some frameworks I used. I opened their eyes to possibilities that can be and how the world may move from software to webware. And to me then, I was just ranting. Kinda talking to myself in a sense. Little did I know that a group of boys took this talk, ran with some of the ideas, and are now men in the field.

Such a humbling surprise.

I feel like a father.

Whatever you do, whoever you are, be proud and keep talking about your works and your trade. Love your goals and purposes enough to spread it like wildfire; even when in a vacuum. There may be a tiny pocket of air that takes your motivation and burns along.

* LOT: Leaders of Tomorrow – a student group in the University of Toronto.


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