The world, uniformitarianist.

This came off one of my mind’s ramblings; thought sessions if you may. I thought to share. The concepts are highly brittle, as are most thought sessions. Here goes…

The world is cyclical. And religion is just a dent in one of its cycles that tends to propagate itself through other cycles.

The world — maybe not the people in it — is uniformitarianist (i.e. practices Uniformitarianism). In lay man’s terms, “as things have been, so will they continue”. This three dimensional world has been the same from time unknown. The same phenomena operating now operated then.

  • Consider erosion. The top soil is washed away due to moving water or air and this causes different land structures. Same then, same now.
  • Consider lightning. The heavens cower at electricity, can’t bear the stress anymore and breaks down. Right after the break down, Thunder comes out with a shout, reprimanding other heavenly entities involved in causing this stress (including Electricity herself).
  • Consider a more subtle case, culture. People come together make some logical decisions, those that stand the test of emotions and win the popularity contest gets passed as laws. Laws create culture, yet culture breaks law observing every step that created it in the reverse order.

Fun fact: this is true for all species; even more pronounced in thinking species. “But there is a difference”, you may say, “why are we not in the dark ages as the archaic centuries were?” Time and its advancement plays on the human mind. A trick it rather is, though. Knowing the current capabilities of the human mind and assuming humans have not evolved , the things we witness now—namely technology, expanse of mind-space and so on—were possible back then but for some reason eluded the minds that thought and sought; the seekers. This proves that man may be omni- in this world but needs time—eternity, if I mmay—to fully achieve this totality. Therefore man is not omni- because he needs time. The limitation of our capabilities is time. What is time?

Clock? No.

Time, amidst its plethora of definitions, is yet another dimension of our existence as humans. Meticulously hidden from the human eyes, it controls the more salient parts of nature — mainly the immaterial — upgrading, advancing and even destroying some: growth, family, emotions, money, dreams and aspirations, and dare I brave the scary truth in saying “life itself”. Yes, Tim destroys life. Man has always lived with time as he has with the x-y-z axis of space but has never consciously included it into his plans or decisions. No plan ever sounds like “I will advance three hours in time today”. Maybe because of the assurance that nevertheless, three hours will advance and you will be part of it; planned or unplanned. Considering this, we would understand the contract between memories and emotions: the ability to travel back in time. Looking at a picture of you when you were young, or your nephew’s baby picture, or your first car could give you a feeling you wouldn’t naturally have gotten in the present time neither if you allowed the natural order of things to occur. Sometimes, and most out of the some, we get the feelings once felt during the time this photograph was taken, the original feeling—you have traveled back in time.

As things are, so, and always, will things be. Considering the intricacies, processes which differ in time may seem disparate but consider the superstructure and you will soon realize that the world is doing the same thing over and over again—like a mindless minion.

This is where my mind rambling ended. Can’t remember why. I guess I had to drive home from work, or something unfortunately more important abruptly stopped my thinking. Well this is where it leaves us. Until next time.


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