iOS 5 on iPhone 4

Recently — as a matter of fact, yesterday — I installed the iOS 5 on my iPhone 4. The download took 4 hours and 24 minutes because of the shitty Internet connection — longest four hours of my life by the way.

After installing it, there are a couple upgrades I would like to point out to the world.


Moving on… iMessage. This feature is so sublime, you may not know you’re using it. iMessage is neatly integrated with the Messages app. If you are sending a message to another iOS user, the send button becomes blue. If the recipient is not an iUser, the Send button will be green and the app gracefully falls back to text messaging mode. Messages now have a header of the HTML fieldset type showing the corresponding type of message that was sent.

Next up is the Define feature in text fields.
Originally introduced as Dictionary in iBooks, Define serves as a means of checking the meaning of words as you type. To use this feature, simply

  1. type up any English word
  2. double-click on the word and
  3. select “Define” from the bubble menu

You should also notice that “Suggest” replaces “Replace” in autocorrection. I think this is less assertive. Makes the phone more of a tool than a master when determining what language you should use in typing.

The Notifications is inevitable. All notifications are centered in one spot. Alerts no longer stop you from whatever you’re doing. Some freaky things about the alerts though: when it pops up — or, technically, folds out — the Navigation controller breaks in half horizontally. Also, when the Notification blind is down, is you carefully slide the handle upwards about 2mm, there is a white broken like flickering as the blind goes up slightly and comes back down.
The blue alerts have been changed for black ones which have the icons of the app from which the notification is coming.

The death of Steve Jobs also brought about the death of the iPod on the iPhone. The iPod has been broken into Videos and Music apps. Weird thing about this: I you make a playlist of videos in iTunes, the playlist comes under Music.

That’s all for now. I will be posting more features later. More on this will include changes to the Calendar, Photos and iPod “Music” app. Reminders and NewsStand will be introduced. And some UI changes will be discussed. Till then, go install and enjoy the iOS 5.


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