At the brink of another war

Fostered by greed in misunderstanding, the world is at work again. This time to destroy itself.

The State of Palestine has taken the step forward and filed their application with the United Nations. This, in summary, requests Palestine be recognized as a country. If the vote passes through, Palestine will be the 194th country in the world.

Gaza is a strip of land whose ownership has been a reason for battle for about 60 years between the Israelis and the Palestinians. All through that time, Israel saw Palestine as a movement or a sect — with enough political organization to stand the test of time — living in their territory. Israel battles the fact that there is a breach in historical protocol that gives Gaza to them. This historical protocol — now known as scripture to the Christian and Jewish religions — could not receive any less recognition from the Palestinians else it would be non-existent. The reason Palestine tries to hold on to that land is — at this moment — unclear.

How does this all tie up? Why should you — random stranger to all this information — be worried?

A while ago, there was some information about the end of all religion on this blog; where religions including Islam and Christianity were discussed. Judging from the end of the Hindu religion, there would come a time of great unrest (a.k.a North London looting, bombings around the world — even in Indonesia!, civil uprisings, and so on) when men would turn against each other and brothers against brothers (a.k.a Muammar Gaddafi and his cohorts). Many will be slain. only then will the tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu — Kilka — rise. He would have the body of a man and the head of a beast [most probably figurative]. In his hand will be the sword which he would use to purge the Earth of all evil men.

Well, that’s a horrid tale. Even more horrid is the undeniable fact that its facts are already falling in place.

Funny fact about this Holy War between Israel and Palestine, Christians and Muslims is that there is a solution. We are in more ways the same than different.


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