Challenge: The Third Boolean

I thought I’d share one of the pressing thoughts in my head. One which may have enough ground to become a project.

Over the months, I have been posting out of spontaneous thought or as a result of certain happenstances that I view in tangerine light – something other than lime for a change. But anyways, they have not been pressing issues on my mind. This thought, on the other hand, holds me hostage. The ransom? Mindless pondering. I employ you to think as you read with the promise of some enlightenment at the end.

First, the introductory story. Once, during the history of the owner of this blog, he had an argument with a brother from another mother – literally though, people often stood awestruck on the reality that they weren’t related despite the immense resemblance in looks and complementing qualities in character. The cause of the argument is lost in history – as is every other important piece of information. But the argument survived. The argument began thus: “Fathom along brother… despite the largeness of the world and the vastness of it’s possibilities, at every point in time, there are only two options: yes or no, true or false, one or zero”, the blogger urged. “Don’t bother me”, his brother from another mother said. (For brevity, let us refer to this brother from another mother as BFAM). After a couple minutes of TV and thought – we hope – BFAM chooses to challenge the motion that there only exists two possibilities at a time. Feeling pretty confident, BFAM challenged with, “I mean, if you want to choose from a list of entities, I don’t think that’s a yes/no question, is it?”. “No”, the blogger succumbed sarcastically, “but if you break down the decision of making a list into the basic do-I-want-this-entity-in-my-list type question, you should fall back to the yes/no question”. And this went on with more intellectual examples, theses, theories and laws. This argument is yet to come to a conclusion.

But I still think that at every point in time, you only need to make a yes/no decision. Imagine every complex decision you make as being on the surface of a sphere – or a crystal ball for you weirdos. We all start the decision process from the center of this sphere. Through different combinations of yes/no decisions, we traverse through this sphere arriving at a point on the surface that we would not otherwise have reached if we used a different combination – basically if we swapped a yes with a no and vice versa in our decision making process. That – I think – is why when two different people are put in the same circumstance, they always come out with different results.

Have you ever been in a situation where the answer to the most basic form of your question was not a yes or a no? Please share.

Moreover, as the weeks went by, an argument that was supposed to go stale merely remained freshly stagnant. I got immersed in the truth of having just two options for a decision. Why do we live in a three time dimensional world yet are only capable of thinking in two-dimensional thought space? Is there something out there, a third Boolean or something of the sort that allows man reach maybe a different possibility.

Imagine the possibilities.


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