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Lately, and for quite some time, there have been posts that made you think, pushed your thought process to the end and hopefully helped you discover new frontiers. T.o.T.E has been a statement of the like. Since Yasky is not all brain and feet, how about a break from the thinking stuff? A little hyphen to shift our thought focused sentence into a lighter mood.

The Women’s World Cup Finals is underway and the final matchup is going to be played on Sunday. It’s been an eventful month watching those games.

See, I bleed Football. It’s the best sport that happened to man. It’s the one sport that can be played without any facilities; all you need is something round. It can be played on the street, grass, parking lot, turf, bedroom, anywhere.

As a diehard fan, I never thought females had what it took to play the sport – sue me. The level of skill I’d see displayed, got exposed to made me think it was for the male folk only. Oh did this world cup prove me so wrong. These female soccer stars have played amazing football. Though, sometimes, they play like kids where the ball moves forward and everyone flocks to it like moths to light. But still, when the understanding between players is there – which is most of the time – it is impeccable. The third goal for Japan, second for Kawasumi on that day blew my mind. The skills of Alexandra Popp made me rethink my previous assumption. The relentlessness of Élodie Thomis reminds me of myself. The power shots in Kim Kulig earns a whole new respect. And my best player in the league so far, USA goalie, Solo.

Well done ladies. Can’t wait for the final match.


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