Man’s First Mistake

I’ll try to keep this short because there is a post out there that says much on the subject.

Man’s first mistake. Labeling. Also known as man’s first skill. The ability to ascribe a name to a thing; anything. A chair, an airplane, food, hope, sunglasses, mountain, lion, and the beautiful combination of the two – mountain lion, amidst a plethora of nouns the dictionary provides on scratches the surface on what mankind has labeled. Consider other languages and ethereal abstract concept unknown to the English language. The list does continue.

Imagine if the labeling through history were all jumbled up. Well you wouldn’t know now, would you? What if you would live in a morrow where someone went back in time and jumbled up the labeling in your history? I bet if the emergent society is juxtaposed with your current one, the difference will be profound. Moreover, imagine a world without labels.


2 thoughts on “Man’s First Mistake

  1. Christina says:

    Labels: You are man, I am woman. I am black she is white. It leads to categories, which lead to stereotypes, which in turn leads to prejudices, misunderstands, and worse. Man sucks for coming up with such a thing.

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