From Cripple to the Grave

You never know how frail your humanity is until you encounter an obstacle greater than your artillery can handle.

Losing “half a knee” made me slow down to observe thing in my daily life I wouldn’t otherwise observe: the fat pigeons that really don’t care if you kick them, the man on the corner spinning around in circles hollering to himself or the newspaper lady that hands out the 24 despite the fact that the newspaper stand is right beside her – maybe that’s her business competition. Observing these, I couldn’t help but fathom the myriad combinations in mind space that exists in the world. (Now I know it’s a sunday and I apologize for the previous sentence. No technical stuff on the sabbath). Being that slow too – by slow, I mean I was walking slow – helped me observe some repetitions in daily life. The most common of which is the famous Rat Race. People, mindlessly, every single day, just here-there-here-there at the beck an call of some organization under the promise of a pay cheque. If oblivious and oblivion have anything in common, is hell a place one goes to after death because of their sins or do we already live in it?

But on the real, what goes on in the mind of the spinning man? He is accomplishing something. There is some reward system that allows him continue what he does without thought. There are so many people that just go about life with a “I have to do” mentality hence blocking out whatever is outside their routine. Up in the morning, work, life, balance, sleep. Somehow we are like the spinning man.

Well a knee subluxation does not always come with philosophical epiphanies. There is still the Morning Old Lady (MOL) syndrome. This is when you wake up in the morning limping, bent over from back ache because of the awkward postures your body was subjected to the previous day.

First comes the fast life, then comes an abrupt brake that sends you from cripple to the grave.


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