Jack Kevorkian

A while ago, I saw the movie “Jack Kevorkian” starring Al Pacino as a doctor with so much drive in “putting people out of their misery” – basically talking them into taking their own life. Now all his patients were sick and in pain and most times had no hope of a happy life. And for a movie, this is an amazing script. The enthusiasm in the eyes of Dr. Death – Jack’s nickname in the movie – as he got phone calls from clients was immense. The role was well played. I liked the movie in all honesty.

Then I find out this dude was actually Alice when the movie was made?! He was a real person! I saw this news and can you believe. This movie was the story of his life.

Should people have the right to take their lives? What do you think?

Life belongs to one. May have been given or granted based on your faith but if you’ve lost drive, purpose and locomotion as most of Kevorkian’s patients were. Are you allowed to say, “enough! I don’t want to suffer anymore.”?

Society will ask us to kill the earth by proposing we stay alive and “die” naturally; suffer until your body – not your mind – makes the decision to stop suffering. Society now runs mankind. With morals and other stuff included. But we forget that society was created by the conglomeration of thinking minds. We created society and we let this thing – our creation – control us. Should you argue the case of one day cyborgs running the earth? That’s gonna be a different article.

Do you own yourself? Do you have exclusive rights to your actions? You may own your thoughts [debatable], but do you have the freedom to act upon them?

Scire! Teneo vestri.


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