Equitarianism – Female Rights

Many at times, especially in this 21st century, you will hear a phrase as such “female rights”. Turns out most females don’t know what this means. And they more or less abuse it by over emphasizing the point or misuse it by misunderstanding its concept. There’s much to female rights, much more than I can cover in one blog post so I will not try to reach all nooks and crannies. I wouldn’t say much though cos in all honesty, I’m not female & there’s none in my life right now so there’s no need for me to know everything about this. But if you’re a feminist reading this and you find something that pisses you off – cos damn right there will be, there are some shortcuts to end your misery. Ctrl+W for Windows (or Alt-F4 if you’re that ticked off) and if you’re on a Mac, Command+W (or Command+Q) will do the job.

Recently, I was in a female rights debate. About a couple days ago. It started off as a joke. I asked, “will any of you female human beings see a male human being in a club, a bar or a gathering, while knowing he’s noticing you, you walk up to him and buy him a drink – no questions asked?”. An innocent question as such – I mean, if the question was an animal, it would be a Chinchilla – started a heated argument about female rights. “But the man is supposed to be the man and recognize what he wants and go for it”, a rather good looking female blurted out rather disappointingly. Now the room looks at me like I killed Jesus (by the room, I mean everyone in the room). And so the talk started.

Not wanting to back down, I persisted on my point of being bought a beer or something of the like cos quite frankly, the male folks work and they spend their money on the female human folk irrespective of their social status, background or financial capabilities but with the sole respect to “I find her attractive” – thou fool! But these acts of rather foolish extravagance came with a cost to the female folk. The males dominated. The man is the boss at home and the woman is, well, the vice boss – which means nothing really cos it’s like saying two people ran a race, one came first and the other came second; no… the other finished last! Now this whole time I’m trying to stress my point to this hellish room that it can be the case that a woman buys the dude a drink at least once in a blue moon — and if blue occurs too often, aim for once in a rainbow moon. But this room would not have it. “Ooh men are just looking for an outlet to express their lazy selves”, they said. After my Mr. Nice Guy died out of depression stemming from oppression due to suppression in argument, I snapped! Literally. I took out me camera and took a picture. OK. Jokes aside, the argument started getting to me a little. Then out of the blue, a help came in the time of dire need – Feminism and their Equity Evangelism.

Females want to be equal with men. They want to hold political positions as men do, want to be able to do all the work as men. Earn enough money to disturb financial accounts and be in the lead of everything. At least that has been the drive for the last few years. Probably the same drive that drove Harold Camping into predicting the end of the world a bit too early – it could possibly be. At the time of writing, a woman is in contest for the Leader of the IMF. What a revolution. I’m sure Darwin didn’t see this coming with his natural selection theories. The women now want to be on-top. “We are human too“, these feminists argue, “and if a woman has the same qualifications as a man does in a particular field, she should be equally liable to gaining the same position and respect as the man”. And to this claim I respect and uphold – rather well I should say. What does it entail to be equal? Follow along…

If a woman pisses a man off in the park – by laws of equality and freedom of speech, she has the right to – the man should be able to look her square in the face and do to her the same thing he would do to another bloke out in the park if he steps on his nerves (maybe punch her in the throat). NOOOW I crossed the line. Sue me. Aren’t these the laws of equality and balance? If a man is having a bad day, the woman should be able to wake up earlier, make breakfast, get the kids ready for school, wash the car, prune the yard, mow the lawn, fix the electricity, install a new furniture and so on; why… because the man is having a bad day and just doesn’t want to do it. Burglars come in the house, the woman should be able to stand guard while the man sleeps peacefully. NOOOW the man is just being a sissy. But ladies, historically, we see these actions coming your way as benefits. “Oh but it’s the power struggle, I don’t want to be subjected by any man.”, this was actually said to me. Uhm, boo-boo, men don’t always want to take constant bool-cheat talk in the name of emotional rants from women but whoop-de-freaking-doo, historically it’s been that way. Somewhere in the male psyche, we expect that, we are ready for it and we deal with it anyways – always. It’s a problem with an ever inefficient solution – not even this one. And to win my argument, I share a true story.

Couple months back at a dinner with a group of friends, I saw the boldest act performed by a female that humbled my soul – I never believed stuff like that still happened in this day and age. A note – shaped like a heart – came in from the waiter with a business card attached to it, dropped in front of one of the my friends (a bloke). And the note read along the lines of…

I hate to disturb you dinner with your friends,
I know you must be having a swell time.
From the look of things I see you all are university students.
I find you attractive and your group warm.
If you don’t mind, join me for drinks sometime

Upfront, straight to the point, done. A young professor had seen something she liked and was going for it. Inasmuch as the “HOLY SMOKES!!!” moment came along, I had time to recede back into my mind and appreciate the gesture. Now that’s some equity.

On the topic of chics that want the equity nonsense but still hold on to a fantasy of a Prince Charming coming to take all your problems away, Jenna Marbes says it best.

From this post, you may know – or may not know — so I will just say it: I am not feminist. But I respect your views. Do not push it because you don’t want to see what the extreme — or even near the extreme — looks like. So hunny let the men be men. Men cannot do what women do any better than women anyways. Let the work be equal. Don’t bite more than you can chew.

Peace and Love.


2 thoughts on “Equitarianism – Female Rights

  1. Solution: Don’t date girls who expect you to do certain things just because you’re a man. Problem solved lol.

    Really though, I have many women friends who are smart, independent, and don’t expect to be treated a certain way just because they’re a woman. When do we get a blog post? There are only a few thousand rants on the internet about this same issue as if it is the only point-of-view from women on men and dating.

    Complaining about it is almost the equivalent of a woman complaining men only want sex. Chances are it’s not the men that are the problem, but that she chooses to allow those kind of men in her life.

  2. Omo, me like that chick wey send note wo. That’s some ballsy move. Nice one. Reminds me of my own thoughts on feminism. You could check it here is you’ve got the time: http://daududaniel.com/some-thoughts-on-feminism/?preview=true

    We guys should start being entitled to maternal leave na. They give chicks paid three months leave to have a baby. It should be factored into ours too if we’re one and the same.
    P.S: I do not support gender discrimination. If She’s good for the job, she should have it. But again, we are not the same!

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